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刊登求才廣告 可以刊登案件: 家教徵才、英文老師徵才、 外籍人士徵才或其它工作機會 (購買點數送求才廣告)

Translation project (English -> Japanese) 日期:2021年11月2日
聯絡人: Tim
地點: 網路通訊(Skype/MSN/Yahoo!/E-mail)

I have a personal project that needs to translate 150 English dialogues to Japanese. Each dialogue consists of 2 characters A and B. A says something and B replies. Below is an example.

A: Betty is here. Michael is here. Foods and drinks are ready. Music is on. What are we waiting for?

B: We're waiting for Susan. It's her birthday party.

The dialogue can be longer or shorter in other dialogues.

The fee: 20 NTD for one dialogue. The total is 3000 NTD.

Please contact me if you are interested
廣告編號: 32158
親子徵求德語家教 Wir haben gosse Ehre! 日期:2021年10月20日
聯絡人: Ivy Chuang
電話: 0988915598
地點: 台北市



廣告編號: 39157
English tutor Wanted 日期:2021年10月17日
聯絡人: Ting-yu
電話: 0939949948
地點: 台北市
I'm looking for someone to help me improve my English pronunciation.
Prefer weekday at about 5:30-6:30pm,
one lesson a week.
American or Canadian tutor is preferable
District: Taipei
Location:somewhere near MRT Taipower Building station
A trial lesson is needed, will pay
廣告編號: 47681
Looking for Science Tutor for Grade 8 日期:2021年10月14日
聯絡人: Ken Chen
地點: 台北市, 淡水/北投, 網路通訊(Skype/MSN/Yahoo!/E-mail)
Looking for Science tutor for International middle school student. No Chinese in class.
On-line class.
廣告編號: 54327
Foreign Teacher Position 日期:2021年10月5日
公司名稱: Christine School
聯絡人: Claire Chen
電話: 0425651788
地點: 台中
FULL-TIME English teacher POSITION.
•Location: Daya, Taichung (Neighboring Districts: Beitun 北屯區, Situn 西屯區 & North 北區.)

《Job Description》
*elementary foreign teacher
1. Student Age Group: 5 – 12 years old (K3-G6)
*Main courses (K3): Let's Go & reading books
*Main course(G1-6): reading books
2. Work Hours: 9:00 – 18:30 (Mon. – Fri.)
3. Lunchbreak (11:40~13:50)

- Class Size: 15-20
-Create lesson plans and prepare teaching materials.
-Stable and responsible (long term). Work with other teachers to create the best learning environment for students.
-Participate in school events as needed.

1. Native English Speaker with Bachelor’s Degree or above.
2. 3-5 years teaching experience preferred.
3. Any English teaching certifications are preferable and encouraged, but not required.
4. Holding ARC or APRC preferred.

*A starting monthly salary of NT70,000~75,000 according to qualifications and experience.
*Each semester includes a one-week vacation
*There will be a half-day off every week after a trial period. (based on the contact)
*Health insurance
廣告編號: 58932
Looking for Native English speaker 日期:2021年9月26日
聯絡人: Michelle Huang
電話: 0912336490
地點: 台中
I’m looking for a native English speaker for tutoring the child who is 7 years old. I’d like to have a tutor who can read story books to keep the child interested and allow speaking practice in English through conversation.
廣告編號: 58902
Hiring: Part-time English Tutor 日期:2021年9月14日
公司名稱: Gutenberg Academy
聯絡人: Jeremy Chang
電話: 0952091638
地點: 台北市
Hi everyone, this is Jeremy from Gutenberg Academy. We are looking for part-time English tutors! Here's a brief job description

Job description:
1. 1-1 or 1-2 tutoring (NTD$600 / per hour). (listening/speaking/reading/writing).
2. Assign and revise student assignments.
3. Attend teacher training sessions:
- up to 10 hours of teacher training (obligation not paid) must be completed within 1 month before the first class.

Extra job opportunity:
The following job opportunities are non-obligatory and are only available to those who are interested in getting additional pay.
1. Group (4-5 students) IELTS writing/speaking class (NTD$700 / per hour).
2. IELTS examiner for mock speaking exam (NTD$500 / per hour).

1. ARC is required.
2. Bachelor, master's degree or above.
3. We especially welcome teachers who have none or limited teaching experience.

If you're interested, please send your CV to

Do contact me if you have any further questions.

Jeremy Chang
廣告編號: 58867
Schoolhouse Language Center Chaiyi -Teacher Wanted 日期:2021年9月7日
公司名稱: Schoolhouse Language Center CY
聯絡人: Sophie Leh
電話: 0925738265
地點: 嘉義
Schoolhouse Language Center - Chiayi Puzi is looking to fill one position in Sep., 2021. This position is 16~20 hours/wk. We provide Work Permit, ARC and health insurance. (Please be noted that a legalized national background check from the foreigner's native country is required to process an ARC.)
We provide excellent teaching materials with flexible teaching schedules. We have the best school atmosphere and classrooms in this area. To help motivate the students to do well, speak English and help with classroom management, we have a reward and point system. For more information, please refer to our FB: 全能外語朴子祥和分校Schoolhouse Language Center
We currently have employed 4 foreign teachers. They are from UK, and South Africa respectively. One teacher from UK has stayed with us for 8 years and one from Canada stayed with us for 6 years, just left last year.
Our students are mostly elementary-school aged, so we need teachers that are funny, energetic, and patient. We hire native English speakers from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume to Sophie at, or Sophie’s Line ID: jjleh168
- Requirement: Bachelor Degree
- Time: 2 hrs/each class
- Hourly pay: 650 NTD/hr
- Students age: 7~15 years old
- Class size: 7-13 students /class
- Location: Puzi, Chiayi County, (near Chiayi County government in Taipao)
- Add: 嘉義縣朴子市祥和三路西段97號2F-1,
2F-1, No.97, W. Sec., Sianghe 3rd Rd., Puzi City, Chiayi County 613, Taiwan
TEL: (05) 3622175

The followings are the links about our location (Taibao city and Puzi city):
廣告編號: 58842
English tutor wanted 日期:2021年9月2日
聯絡人: Mr. Ting-yu Wang
電話: 0939949948
地點: 台北市
I'm looking for someone to help me improve my English pronunciation.
Prefer weekday at about 5:30-6:30pm, one lesson a week. American or Canadian tutor is preferable
District: Taipei
Location: Somewhere near MRT Taipower Building Station
A trial lesson is needed, i will pay
廣告編號: 58826
English teacher 日期:2021年8月19日
公司名稱: Lancelot
聯絡人: Abby
電話: 0227458576
地點: 台北市
Teaching English and Living in Taiwan, NEGOTIABLE & FLEXIBLE Hours! imageUP toNTD750 per hour! We are Lancelot English Education center. We are looking for children’s English instructors who have been teaching English for over 3 years. We need a part-time foreign teacher! ALL Native English-Speaking Accents are WELCOME! Mon. to Sat. Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings between 1:30 - 7:10pm. Around 15-20 hours/week. NEGOTIABLE & FLEXIBLE Hours! MORE Hours available. ARC, Work permit & National Health Insurance offered. Established-20 Years! COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL-Organized Curriculum provided. On average, our native speaking teachers stay with us for 2 years or MORE! Neighboring Areas: Da An District 大安區, Jhong Shan District 中山區, Nei Hu District 內湖區 & Nan Gang District 南港區. We are located on Yanshou St., 延壽街, Taipei City. Close to the MRT Nanjing Sanmin Station 南京三民捷運站 and the Song Shan Airport 松山機場. If you are interested in the jobs, the followings are required : - Resume - TESOL or related certificate - Diploma
廣告編號: 58599
ESL teacher starting from Sep. 日期:2021年8月17日
聯絡人: Viola
電話: 02-8770-5058
地點: 台北市
Songshan Dist., Taipei City (MRT brown line)

Students age:
Children around 7 years old
Pre-teens around 12 years old

Class Size:
No more than 16 students

Class Schedule:
Mon., Thur., Fri.
Mon., Wed., Thur., Fri.

Hourly Rate: NT$650

We are looking for a teacher who truly loves and cares about children and has a strong passion for teaching.
The owner and your future supervisors are all very open-minded and enthusiastic, looking forward to a teacher who shares the same values joining us.
廣告編號: 58590
International school student’s tutoring 日期:2021年8月10日
聯絡人: kevin Lee
地點: 台北市
Looking for a tutor for International school grade 4 student, native English speaker with experience in American math and science subjects. Generally 2 or 3 days per week. Location near by Taipei main station .
廣告編號: 58481
Y2 School x Life Start-Up Core Team 日期:2021年6月23日
公司名稱: Y2 Foundation for future education
聯絡人: Halley
地點: 台北市
Company description

Y2 Foundation for Future Education was founded in 2017 as the successor to Chen Chien-Chih Social Welfare Foundation, which was established in 2006. In the first ten years, our focus was on the welfare of underprivileged children and the elderly; in the next ten, we aspire to create a better future for Taiwan through education.

Job description

Envision new ways of learning, working, and living!

Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world.

[Y2 School x Life] Project by Y2 Foundation for Future Education is looking for adventurous Start-up Team including

1. Learning Guide/Instructor
2. School Administrative Director
3. Social Entrepreneur Specialist

We want to know more about your potential & vision!

Website and application:
Deadline for Application: 2021. 06. 27

What is Y2 School x Life?

Y2S is an international Montessori boarding school meeting human nature + developmental needs. This is a home away from home.

Y2S x Life is a social enterprise with people | society | the world | education at its heart. This is where education, community, and social enterprise join to support LIFE and make quality education affordable, assessable, and sustainable.

Application Deadline: 6/27/2021

Expected Start Date: 9/1/2021

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent
廣告編號: 58463
Native English Tutor wanted 日期:2021年4月12日
聯絡人: Liz Chou
電話: 0975535166
地點: 台北市
Looking for a native English tutor in Neihu Area, Taipei.
Age: 2Y

Time: Twice per week during weekdays afternoon, 1 hr each time. Currently prefer Wed & Fri afternoon after 4pm. If things went well, I am willing to add the frequency to 4 days per week.

Location: Neihu Area. Please note that there is no MRT station around, only bus and ubike station. Or if the teacher scoots or drive, parking space is available.

Job Description: The student has been taking English tutor classes for 4 months and can follow instructions. Teacher is expected to "play" with the toddlers via various forms, songs, dance, games, stories and sensory activities to hep build up vocabularies of daily life and carry on natural conversations in the future.

1. English native speaker
2. Past experience of teaching in kindergarten/ pre-k is needed
3. Bachelor's degree
4. tesol or tefl is a plus
If you are interested, please provide CV and describe how you'd carry out the class to
廣告編號: 58175
地點: 台北市, 台北縣, 新店
廣告編號: 46137
Looking for an English native speaker tutor 日期:2021年3月1日
聯絡人: Terri Yeh
地點: 木柵
Looking for an English native speaker tutor to teach my children: My son is 15 year old and my daughter is 12 year old. My son got the full score 900 and my daughter got 860 for the TOEFL Junior test two years ago. Their speaking and listening ability with native speakers are good. We live just one bus stop away from National Chengchi University in Macha. The bus stop is Wanxin Elementary School; it's the 3rd stop from Taipei Zoo MRT station.
廣告編號: 44552
▊Conversation Class for Adult Students 日期:2021年2月17日
公司名稱: MyDearTeacher
聯絡人: Jay Lin
電話: 0987125129
地點: 台北市
Do you like FUN conversation classes with adult students? Are you looking for some extra teaching hours?

At MDT we offer fun, small group conversation classes in English. Our students are intelligent and are very curious adults, so in class you will lead conversations, while at the same time helping students to improve their English fluency. Furthermore, you can decide when you want to teach and the topics for the conversations.

​We offer a few discussion based classes covering several topics from BBC news, The Economist, Vox, and many more. This gives our customers plenty of options to choose from. We also try very hard to keep our prices reasonable so that we can have a wider audience.

❶ The average class will range from 4-8 students.
❷ The salary starts at NTD800/hr
❸ Hours are flexible, but nights and weekends are the most popular.
❹ We try to select a conveniently located classroom for each teacher. (Guting, SongJiangNanJing, NanJingFuXing, XinYiAnHe)

To learn more about our offer, please go to:
➤➤ MDT Become a Teacher

Or direct your CV to the following address:
廣告編號: 38522
Looking for a great French teacher in tainan city 日期:2020年12月15日
聯絡人: Tiffany Chen
電話: 0988293565
地點: 台南
Hi! I have been self learning French for a short time. And I found out there meaningless if there is no one to practice French speaking with. So I am looking for a French tutor to help me with French learning. And I live in tainan city. And I prefer to have a lesson face to face only. Not interesting in online lesson at all.
廣告編號: 56969
English teacher wanted!!! 日期:2020年11月24日
公司名稱: Alpha English School
聯絡人: Anita
電話: 0988275892
地點: 台北市, 台北縣
We need a teacher works at 17:30-19:30.
Every Tuesday and Thursday.
And also 19:00-21:00 Every other Monday and Wednesday.
Our students are about 7-12 elementary students.
We are located at MRT Taipei Bridge STATION area.
Please reach me if you are interested in this position as a part-time job.

廣告編號: 35392
WE WANT YOU, 70k to 120k per month 日期:2020年11月13日
公司名稱: Dr. G. Academy
聯絡人: George Huang
電話: 0921437392
地點: 台北市
We are looking for full/part-time teachers who could teach:
2. AP literature/language and composition
3. Academic writing for high school students
5. all subjects at international schools(US pattern)

-work content:
1. teach personal tutor/small group class(10 ppl at most)
2. edit or choose the appropriate teaching materials
3. update the teacher logs or the learning status of students
4. build up the training system for the beginning English teachers
5. help students to edit or write academic or college essays
6. working hours: 8 hrs per day, 5 days per week.
7. part-time job depends on the requirements from students

1. full-time: at least 1-year contract, 70,000 to 120,000 per month (ARC provided and APRC is a plus )
2. part-time: 600 to 1200 per hour
(if experienced in a related field, both could be more)

1. Police Criminal Record Certificate
2. B.A. or M.A or Ph.D. diploma required
3. National non-sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual bullying, or criminal record of violation of the rights and interests of children and juveniles issued by the employed foreigner within the last six months of the original passport country.
Foreigners who have been approved by the Ministry to engage in the employment of full-time foreign language teachers in short-term tuition classes are exempt from attachment.

If there is any question, please contact us without hesitation.
廣告編號: 47235
1000/hour! small classes! friendly environment! 日期:2020年11月7日
聯絡人: JC
電話: 0955783095
地點: 新竹
We are looking for a few good men and women (teachers) to join our team. We are PTA (parent-teacher association), essentially a group of parents hoping to improve our kids' English afterschool. (Not an easy task in Taiwan) We offer a friendly environment, flexible hours and competitive pay at 1000/hour. We hope to hear from you soon!
廣告編號: 56962
➤ Corporate English Trainer (NTD 1,200/hr or up) 日期:2020年10月28日
公司名稱: CLN (Corporate Language Network)
聯絡人: Derek
電話: (02) 8772-7172
地點: 台北市, 台北縣
Here we offer the teachers to teach in companies like Google, Yahoo, Asus, TSMC, Shopee, Deloitte, etc. Teaching hours are flexible.

【About Us】
CLN is a fast-growing startup with a perfect combination of innovative vigor and high-end business scheme. We keep in mind the importance of creating a comfortable and positive work environment where our teachers are encouraged to embrace challenges and pursue self-fulfillment.

【Job Descriptions】
• Designing courses, syllabuses, teaching materials for corporate training programs
• Designing and providing customized programs and consultations
(e.g. programs for celebrity students; themed courses for company senior executives)
• Participating in company meetings to develop, plan, and design teaching programs and activities
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
- Building good classroom interactions
- Conducting follow-up assessments on students’ learning outcomes
- Planning courses based on students’ needs.

【Minimum Qualifications】
• Teaching experience:
5 years or above in group teaching
• Education:
Bachelor's / Master's degree or higher in Language, Education, English and American literature, IT MBA, Banking, Finance, Human Resources, Journalism, etc

【Preferred qualifications】
• For foreign applicants, an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) is a plus.
•Experiences in TESOL
•TOEIC (950 or above) or TOEFL (110 or above)
Other English certificates.

For more information about the job openings, please refer to the job descriptions on 104:

Or direct your CV to the following address:
廣告編號: 56927
Looking English tutor for kids 日期:2020年10月22日
聯絡人: Jacko Lu
電話: 0989721665
地點: 台北縣, 桃園
I'm looking for a English tutor for teaching kids English. There're boys which age 5 and 7. The tutor English must be first language or foreigner. We are live in Yinnge District, New Taipei City. However, we are more close with Taoyuan city. Please feel free to call or email me if any tutor is interesting with it. Thank you.
廣告編號: 48874
聯絡人: Chloe Chang
電話: (03)3566161#8604
地點: 桃園
We are looking for English writing tutor.
There’s the student basic background below, please let me know if you’re interested.

Age: 16
Gender: female
Education: Taipei European School
English speaking: Fluent
Location: Taoyuan City
Time: once a week on weekend, 1.5~2hrs every time
Teaching Fee: discussable
廣告編號: 56117
徵學齡前孩童英文家教 日期:2020年10月13日
聯絡人: 張小姐
電話: 0924111501
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 56674
小學低年級生英文 日期:2020年10月12日
聯絡人: Evelyn WU
電話: 0989463666
地點: 台北縣
廣告編號: 56735
日本會計家教 日期:2020年9月29日
聯絡人: 劉雯雯
電話: 0939775066
地點: 高雄市
廣告編號: 43876
Looking for English teachers for K-12 日期:2020年9月21日
公司名稱: New York Learner
聯絡人: Debbie Hsu
電話: 0979998679
地點: 台北市, 台北縣
New York Learner is looking for English teachers for K-12
If you are interested for teaching students under 18 and you are
qualified for teacher license.

Welcome to contact
廣告編號: 56020
An English Teacher 日期:2020年9月3日
聯絡人: Miss Ku
電話: 0933470287
地點: 新竹
I was looking for an English teacher for my daughters and my daughters can speak and listen very well because they lived in America for few years.

Now we came back to Taiwan and I want to hire an English teacher who is a native speaker to teach them. Let them still can keep learning and improving the language in Taiwan.

If you are interested in this case, please give me a message. Thank you for your time and consideration.

If you are interested in this case, please give me a phone call.
廣告編號: 56206
Preschool English tutor 日期:2020年8月31日
聯絡人: Pauline
電話: 0982962814
地點: 桃園

廣告編號: 56195
preschool kid 日期:2020年7月29日
公司名稱: English tutor
聯絡人: Christine Wang
地點: 台北市, 桃園
I am looking for an English tutor for my daughter, who is 4 yrs old. She loves watching Peppa pig and Dora and Frozen. She can communicate pretty well. We would like to keep up her English and help her with phonics.
Time: Saturday or Monday morning. 10:30-12:00 am
Tuition: 1200/1.5 hr
Location: near MRT 中山國中 and 行天宮 stations.
Ps. We live in Taoyuan during the weekdays. 4-9 pm after school time will do too.
廣告編號: 49028
家教徵才 日期:2020年7月25日
聯絡人: Shelley
電話: 0936721332
地點: 新竹
廣告編號: 51667
Preschool & Toddler English Teacher Needed 日期:2020年6月13日
地點: 台北市
We are a family of three and seeking an English teacher for our 17-month-old baby who is currently at the two-word stage. As parents, we just want this experience to be fun and relax for the baby, there is no academic pressure for him, but being able to explore the language through play and activities that are familiar to children such as music, arts, and sports is what we’d like for the baby.

We are looking for a dedicated-to-children person with a passion for Early Learning Education. No experience in the early education environment is OK, but the experience is preferred. Have basic knowledge of curriculum preparation as well as theme-based creative projects. While being aware of how best to introduce English into the baby's daily routine, you must be compassionate and relate well to the baby’s learning needs.

The tutoring session could meet once or twice a week and we are located at 大安區安和路二段.

If you are interested in applying, please email me back with your availability for an interview. We could meet at a cafe at your convenience or meet at a cafe around our place.

Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon!
廣告編號: 55677
Hiring Online and Face to Face Teachers 日期:2020年6月5日
公司名稱: A2Z English
聯絡人: Alex
地點: 台北市, 台北縣, 永和/中和, 板橋, 淡水/北投, 網路通訊(Skype/MSN/Yahoo!/E-mail)

We are currently interviewing and hiring teachers to teach online and face to face part and full time.

All classes are 1-1 and vary from 25-90 minutes.

Pay also varies and depends on class type and teachers experience.

To learn more about us please visit our website and facebook page -

Any questions let us know.

If you are interested please send us an email with your C.V. to:
廣告編號: 43560
徵 外籍教師 English Teacher Wanted 日期:2020年5月12日
公司名稱: 快樂瑪麗安北大分校 Happy Marian Pei Da (Sanxia Dist)
聯絡人: Cathy
電話: 02-86726048
地點: 台北縣
We currently have an opening for a part-time English teacher.

Preferred Qualifications:
-Bachelor’s Degree.
-Two or more years of teaching experience.
-Patient, fun, and active teachers.
-Able to conduct English only class.

1. Students Age: 7-12 years old
2. Working time: Mon/Thur.4:30-6:30pm
Wed/Fri. 4:30-6:30 pm
3. School Location: Near National Taipei University
4. Class Size: 10-12 students for each class
5. Hourly Pay: Negotiable

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to creating a warm environment for our teachers and students to have wonderful classes and enjoy speaking English!

Please feel free to contact us as email or call (02)86726048
廣告編號: 55550
日文家教 日期:2020年3月11日
公司名稱: 個人
聯絡人: 陳薇莉
電話: 0910060063
地點: 新店
廣告編號: 6417
English teacher (native speaker) wanted! 日期:2020年2月26日
聯絡人: Inés su
電話: 0928373959
地點: 桃園
We need a teacher works in weekdays (daytime). Our kids are about 5 and 6 years old. They’ve learned English about 1-2 years. We are located at taoyuan (Bade district). Please reach me if you are interested in this position. Thank you.
廣告編號: 54661
I'm looking for English teachers 日期:2020年2月11日
公司名稱: Experience Academy
聯絡人: MS. Wu
電話: 0922099833
地點: 台北市
I'm looking for part time English teachers to teach students at the age of 7 to 12.
We have many classes you can choose

Our school is in Songshan District near Sanmin MRT station

The pay 650-750 per hour
If the time is available for you
Plz email.
Or call me at 0922099833
廣告編號: 42145
Public School English teacher Wanted 日期:2020年2月2日
公司名稱: 花蓮富里國中
聯絡人: 陳巧齡
電話: 0933436792
地點: 花蓮
We are looking for a foreign teacher who can teach English conversation and listening in the club of junior high school. There are around seven students that are fond of English in this class. The class time is from 1:10 to2:50 pm. every Friday and the place is in our classroom in Fuli of Hualien. We can pay NT$1600 for two hours including the transportation fee that depends on where you are from. It's very emergent. Look forward to hear from you.
廣告編號: 53273
★☆★ PART-TIME IELTS / PTE / GE TEACHERS WANTED ★☆★ 日期:2020年1月15日
聯絡人: Stanley Huang
地點: 台北市
Stanley English vision is to be one of the best quality English Language Centre in Taiwan. More than ten years ago, we started our education passion and mission in overseas education. Now with these experiences, we have made Stanley English into a non-traditional English learning institution, teaching through our professional English teachers and flexible courses, plus with the foreign language school environment allows students to learn English, building self-confidence, meet new friends, and experience English culture.
Stanley English is located in Taipei city (MRT: ZhongXiao-DunHua Station), mainly focus on exam preparation course that including General English / IELTS / PTE English course, Stanley English builds provide a friendly and vibrant campus environment and work culture. We also provide training and assistance to our new teachers and staff.

We are looking for vibrant and engaging teachers who is professional and passionate about teaching English, with good communication skills, be organised and well-prepared for each and every lesson. preferably with at least two years experience in teaching exam preparation course. Other strong applicants may be considered.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to
We look forward to having you as part of the team!
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Looking for English teacher 日期:2019年12月17日
聯絡人: brenda
地點: 台北市, 台北縣, 網路通訊(Skype/MSN/Yahoo!/E-mail)
I'm looking for a teacher who is willing to share his or her expertise and prepare the teaching material for me. Personally, I'm interested in history and literature, so I sometimes will have books i want to read together or the teacher could make reading suggestions. I would like to read and understand extensively, so I really need someone who is willing to help!
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Foreign English teacher 日期:2019年12月13日
公司名稱: HappyLion English
聯絡人: Nicole
電話: 0939391715
地點: 高雄市
Foreign teacher for English cram school

Class size: between 12 to 18 children
Student age: 7-18 years old
Opportunity for promotion
Salary:(before tax) for 40000-70000 NTD
Working hour: 16-20 hrs/weekly
Accident and health Medical insurance

Native English speaker with Bachelor degree
Clear Criminal record
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English teacher 日期:2019年11月15日
公司名稱: Bliss kindergarten
聯絡人: Tammy
電話: 0912490361
地點: 台北市
I'm looking for part time English teachers to teach students at the age of 3 to 6.

Working time
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English teacher 日期:2019年11月4日
公司名稱: Art studio
聯絡人: MS. Chen
電話: 0986656414
地點: 台北市
Part time English teacher:

We are looking for English teachers who can teach kids art in English.
Working 7/27~8/21 pm1:30~4:30 3hrs .
preferred experienced teacher at least for 4 years and love kids.
English teachers who have Art teaching experience or Art teaching background are
a priority.

Start Working:after 7/27
Location:Da-an dist Taipei city
Please send your resume and profolio to :
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looking for an English tutor 日期:2019年11月3日
公司名稱: person
聯絡人: Lawrence
地點: 台北市
I wanna find an English tutor to help me to improve business English and conversation.
If you could accept the location of class nearby Neihu, Songshan or Zhongshan, please contact me. My budget is 500-800 one hour.
Thank you :)
廣告編號: 53628
English teacher 日期:2019年10月31日
公司名稱: Baron’s English
聯絡人: Media
電話: 0986935608
地點: 台南
We need an English teacher

Working time


Students age 7-12
廣告編號: 53600
English Teacher for junior high students 日期:2019年10月1日
聯絡人: Kate
電話: Line : katechung74
地點: 台北市, 淡水/北投
1.5-2 hours
Once in 4-5 weeks,
Tuesday n Thursday evening.
Conversation practice for junior high students.
Line: katechung74
廣告編號: 53509
台南英文家教 日期:2019年9月30日
聯絡人: 李小姐
電話: 0911958962
地點: 台南
Tutor for an elementary school student, focusing on speaking, reading and writing
廣告編號: 53506
German and English Native Speaker Teacher 日期:2019年9月26日
公司名稱: Cyunjhu Language Center
聯絡人: Amy Chang
電話: 27813257
地點: 台北市
For German,
we have one on one and group classes.
The school provide the material for teachers to teach.
If you like the flexible and wants to work on weekends please contact us.

For English,
We use the material from Cambridge Press.
Most of English is one on one lesson.
The age group of students is from 7 years old to 15 years old.
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English Teacher 日期:2019年9月10日
聯絡人: Miss Chen
網址: Line ID:greentree1982
地點: 高雄市

I want to find a teacher(native English speaker) to help my children make a play-group.

about the course as follows:

Children should be around 3 to 6 years old.

It may be 5-8 kids.

Guide the course through games and activities,

Teaching materials (ex study sheets, audio files) for the class can be provided to parents.

Have more than one years of experience in teaching English for preschool children.

Time : around 5 -8PM on weekdays.(one hour a week)

Location : near Juy-Guang Elementary school , Nanxun District, Kaohsiung City

If you are interested, you can contact with me.

Thank you
廣告編號: 53332

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