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Language Professionals of Taiwan

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求才廣告: 1129

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刊登求才廣告 可以刊登案件: 家教徵才、英文老師徵才、 外籍人士徵才或其它工作機會 (購買點數送求才廣告)

聯絡人: Victor Chang
E-mail: victor01473@hotmail.com
地點: 網路通訊(Skype/MSN/Yahoo!/E-mail)
Hi, I am seeking a tutor to prepare the TOFEL test .
MY target score is 80,but I live in Germany now.
I'd give you more information in the following:
1. Time: once a week, basically
2. place: by email or facebook talk
3. Requirements : Have my tofels essays (3-5) corrected
4. payment:700NT/per page
廣告編號: 46371
Good School to work in Chiayi 日期:2017年9月10日
公司名稱: Green English (Chiayi)
聯絡人: Richard
電話: 0931701030
E-mail: g7life@gmail.com
地點: 嘉義
Established in 2006, Green English had been a premium brand in Chiayi due to its philosophy for both teachers and students. We have good teams for both teaching and management with fluent English communication to assure our jobs are all on the same page. We are now offering new position for a full-time teacher (with ARC) and a part-time teacher(without ARC).
廣告編號: 46367
English private tutor 日期:2017年9月6日
聯絡人: Susan Chung
電話: 0983785011
E-mail: palcome@seed.net.tw
地點: 台北縣, 永和/中和

It would be our pleasure to invite you to be my sun Charles English home teacher.
My son is 11 years old, 6 grade of primary school. He is very interested learning language and like to improve it.
Please contact me after 5:40pm. My phone call is : 0983785011. We hope Charles (my son) can talk to you directly.
Our home is near by the MRT JING'AN Station 5 minutes by walking.

Kind regards,
Susan Chung
廣告編號: 46304
家教徵才 日期:2017年9月5日
公司名稱: 林小姐
聯絡人: Vivian
電話: 0918538889
E-mail: benjamin226@gmail.com
地點: 高雄市
Hello, I am looking for a English tutor to teach two boys, my nine years old son and his classmate. He is currently enrolled in a public school. I wish to increase his abilities at writing and grammar. I prefer to have class once a week on Tuesday night two hours. If interest, please call 0918538889
to discuss. Thank you.
廣告編號: 38380
廣告編號: 46251
English Tutor 日期:2017年8月22日
聯絡人: Kevin
電話: 0955-462-593
E-mail: kmkchang@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
Looking for a native English-speaking tutor to help a 10th grader keep up her English speaking, reading and writing with her peers in the US. Location for classes: Nangang District, Taipei City.
廣告編號: 33592
法文家教 日期:2017年8月21日
聯絡人: Tina Lin
電話: 0921878883
E-mail: lin_katie28@hotmail.com
地點: 台北市
My daughter is now attending the French school at Taipei European School. She is 14 now, and needs a tutor who can help her with not only french but also other regular courses like math, chemistry, or so on...

All tutoring classes need to be taught by French.
廣告編號: 39422
looking for private tutor 日期:2017年8月18日
公司名稱: Chenei international ltd.
聯絡人: frank lee
電話: 0914080777
E-mail: franklee1966wei@yahoo.com
地點: 台北市
private tutor
廣告編號: 38448
A Native English Tutor wanted 日期:2017年8月15日
聯絡人: Jenny
E-mail: jennyshih999@gmail.com
地點: 桃園
1. Look for a female Native English speaker with a work permit.
2. Work on Saturday mornings from 10:10 to 12:10.
3. Teach high school students writing.
4. Work in Guishan District.
6. Contact Jenny at jennyshih999@gmail.com.
廣告編號: 41079
國小英文老師 日期:2017年8月8日
聯絡人: Ivy
電話: 0921522659
E-mail: ivy920917@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 高雄市
3位小六學生 星期三或星期五的時間上課
e-mail (ivy920917@yahoo.com.tw)
廣告編號: 34204
英文老師 日期:2017年8月3日
公司名稱: 珍老師工作室
聯絡人: 陳珍珍
電話: 0966561690
E-mail: jjchen007@hotmail.com
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 45764
We are looking for English teachers 日期:2017年8月1日
公司名稱: American Eagle Institute-Taipei city
聯絡人: Gary Liao
電話: +886988-298888
E-mail: minsheng.tp@eagletw.com
地點: 台北市
American Eagle Minsheng franchise school in Taipei city(near Taipei Arena MRT station & Chang Gung Memorial Hospital) now is looking for English teachers. If you are interested, please e-mail your resume, scanned passport, scanned diploma and recent photo to Gary Liao: minsheng.tp@eagletw.com or call contact cell-phone number. Thanks.
Welcome to join us^-^
廣告編號: 46077
Driengend Deutsch Lehrer(in) gesucht 日期:2017年8月1日
公司名稱: privat
聯絡人: Lena
E-mail: lenac340@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
Diese Anzeige ist nur an Deutsch Muttersprachlige angesprochen!

1. Während der privat Studen, brauche Ich Ihren Hilfe, Texte auf Deutsch zu korregieren, am besten besitzen Sie ein Laptop,so koennen wir während Unterricht über mein Text besprechen und gleichzeitig die Text gramatisch korregieren.

2. Ich brauche dringend Ihre Hilfe.
3. Die Unterricht sollte am folgende Datum stattfinden;
2 oder 5 August, abend von 7 bis 9
und 7. bis 10te August, (2 von diesen abend) 7 bis 9

insgesamt brauche ich 6 Unterrichtsstunden. (gg. 6 Stunden)
廣告編號: 45987
Teaching in Danshui at NT$3000 日期:2017年7月28日
聯絡人: Amy
電話: 0922503098
E-mail: abc26224259@gmail.com
地點: 淡水/北投
1. teach in Danshui 淡水for 3 hours on Wednesdays from 16:30
(*Danshui 淡水 locates at the last stop of the red line MRT *)
2. NT$ 3000 /per time
3. teach two classes, each has 6 kids aged 11-14.
4. must be experienced in teaching.
5. Teacher's Resource Book/lesson plan provided.
If interested,please send your resume with a photo to
廣告編號: 41822
Looking for tutor for children 日期:2017年7月27日
聯絡人: Joanna
E-mail: 65joannalu@gmail.com
地點: 台北縣
We live in New Taipei City Xinzhuang District.
My children Leo & Elsa are 6-7years old, Who need a English tutor.They had learned English for at least 2 years.The tutor need to teach them at a time.
They would like to have a two-hour lesson in the afternoon,and twice classes each week(total 4 hours a week).
The hourly rate is $800-1000NT.
If you are interested, please contact me .
廣告編號: 45936
Native Speaker English teacher needed 日期:2017年7月24日
聯絡人: Kelly
電話: 0905559868
E-mail: summerlee3636@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
We are looking for a Native English speaker tutor for my 6-year-old son. The tutor time is at 3:30-5:00p in the afternoons of Tues, Wed and Thur.

Our location is near Tien Mu area. (Near Taipei American School)

Good payment.
廣告編號: 32689
徵英文家教老師 日期:2017年7月19日
聯絡人: 吳佩珍
電話: 0912501166
E-mail: f19790215@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 台北縣
短期英文家教老師 學生 小五+小三 英語閱讀
廣告編號: 45998
徵幼兒英語家教 日期:2017年7月19日
聯絡人: 王鈴君
電話: 0922052269
E-mail: a0922052269@gmail.com
地點: 新竹
徵幼兒英語家教 男生5y10m 會基本的自然發音 想要找女性教師 有耐心及教學經驗
廣告編號: 45343
公司名稱: 高雄市私立維也納幼兒園
聯絡人: Jenny
電話: 0972320177
E-mail: yichu00@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 高雄縣
We need a English teacher for kindergarten students. Mon-Fri.from 930-1100
廣告編號: 45986
徵外師英語家教 日期:2017年7月17日
聯絡人: 劉程遠
電話: 0925977313
E-mail: oxspeed@gmail.com
地點: 屏東
廣告編號: 45648
English teacher wanted for two girls 日期:2017年7月7日
公司名稱: Patrick
聯絡人: Patrick
電話: 0937-198-113
E-mail: patrick.chiu@mail.royal-family.com.tw
地點: 永和/中和
Hello, my name is Patrick, I have two daughters Annie & Celine, they are 13-14 years old, Who need a English teacher to improve speaking, writing, reading...and grammar.
Saturday 10~12am is a good time for class for my daughters
And You need to teach two of them at a time
If You are interesting, contact me please
廣告編號: 45873
徵 外籍英文家教老師 日期:2017年7月3日
公司名稱: 到府家教
聯絡人: 黃韻珊
電話: 0975622979
E-mail: a0975622979@gmail.com
地點: 高雄市
誠徵 外籍英文家教,到學生家中教學。學生是商業人士需和外籍客戶對談,學習重點在對話和聽懂外籍客戶的口音
廣告編號: 45871
English Teacher wanted for 8-year old boy 日期:2017年7月2日
公司名稱: Veronica
聯絡人: Veronica
電話: 0921187578
E-mail: yafen1204@gmail.com
地點: 桃園
My boy will be going to International School in Korea in March 2018,and I want to have an English teacher to be able to equip him with capabilities in going to school there.
He has English learning experience of 4 years with conversation capabilities.
Frequency: Preferred to have the classes at least 3 times a week from August or September 2017.
Period of tutoring: from now till Feb 2018.
Timing of the day: weekday evenings

If you are interested, please contact me via my phone 0921187578 or email yafen1204@gmail.com. An interview will be needed.
廣告編號: 45874
Foreign Teacher Wanted in Tianmu 日期:2017年6月27日
公司名稱: C.K. Tianmu
聯絡人: Celine
電話: 0905675082
E-mail: celinekuo1207@gmail.com
地點: 台北市, 淡水/北投
C.K. Washington in Tianmu
•Looking for an English teacher who is able to speak Chinese and English
•teach Mondays in Tianmu.
•ESL certificate required.
•We pay monthly& based on experience.
•Please send resume first.
•Position starts on Sep 18th
Minimum 2 years experience
•Great place to work and an easy 5-10 minutes take a bus from Shipai MRT.
廣告編號: 43769
Seeking Mandarin Teacher 8hrs/week 日期:2017年6月23日
公司名稱: RDIS Holdings
聯絡人: Robert
電話: 903 834 947
E-mail: robert@rdisholdings.com
地點: 台北市
I am seeking a Mandarin tutor willing to travel to our office on Renai Rd, Daan District, Taipei City from Monday to Thursday to teach a group of 2 native English speakers. Hours would be 10AM to 12Noon, beginning July 3. We are looking to learn conversational Mandarin as quickly as possible, for business purposes. We are only interested in teachers with previous experience teaching expats.

Please let me know if you can work within these details, and if you’d be interested in this opportunity. Please include your asking rate in your response. Before we begin, I propose that we meet on June 30 to discuss details further, and see if we would be a good match. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!
廣告編號: 45803
英文家教老師徵才 日期:2017年6月23日
聯絡人: 楊太太
E-mail: a0952902989@gMAIL.COM
地點: 台南
廣告編號: 45792
聯絡人: 黃曉玲
電話: 0924006506
E-mail: lidya5488@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
我 女兒 目前是高二生 就讀 北一女中, 需要一個外籍教師 練習口語跟文法 還有寫作, 我們住在內湖 三軍總醫院附近 現在星期五晚上有空 可安排上課 ,謝謝!
廣告編號: 45779
英文家教 日期:2017年6月19日
聯絡人: Jessica
電話: 0931318358
E-mail: a330628a330628@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 苗栗
廣告編號: 45546
Native English tutor for conversational English ne 日期:2017年6月13日
聯絡人: James Tan
E-mail: tjm917@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
Hello, my name is James and I want to hire a private English tutor. I hope to improve my English so that I am able to have simple daily-conversation with a foreinger. I am looking for a native English-speaking teacher (preferably American or Canadian) who could provide not-so-complicated English learning materials and focus more on daily, real-world conversation. I also expect to learn English in an all-English environment in a fun way! If you are interested, please email me your resume, photo and also note your hourly pay to tjm917@gmail.com. I wish to take lesson near Taipei Main Station,
廣告編號: 42331
English Tutor for Kids (1 year old) 日期:2017年6月12日
聯絡人: molly liu
E-mail: yymollyliu@outlook.com
地點: 桃園
Hi, we live in Yangmei District (a small county located in Taoyuan city), which is near by Yangmei Train Station.
Hope we could have a great teacher and friend who could teach my son English, Thank you!

Requirements: Native speaker (English) needed!

Curriculum: oral and spelling, relax study class style
Student age: 1 year old
Rate: NT 700 up per hour
Work hour: 2-3 days per week, morning and afternoon would be fine.

Please contact molly at yymollyliu@outlook.com
Thank you!
廣告編號: 44133
personal Enghish tutor 日期:2017年6月5日
公司名稱: private
聯絡人: hoyen
電話: 0935590818
E-mail: hoyen@mail.com
網址: www.hoyen.tw
地點: 台北市
my highest educational background is PH.D .I major in Psychology and Nature Medicine. I would like to strengthen and improve my English conversation skills. Classes are all in English, one-on-one, long-term study.

Course Requirements:generally chatting. I would like a native Enghlish spearking tutor , and can discuss with me on current events, as well as on conversational topics , including philosophy, politics, and health, education with family and friends ect.

I am very interesting in English dialogue sessions covering a wide range of subjects. I do'nt need any on hand materials. I would like a chance to practice spearking and listening. no business only learn and chat, and I do'nt like any presure in my study.

Location : near Blue line Taipei MRT City Hall station.
lesson time : every time/one and a half hours .
I am available between 13:00~3:30 every Thuesday afternoon.
Per hour charge : NT$ 700~1200 .

If you are interested in private tutor for me. please sent picture and resume to me. line ID: hoyen123 . Web site: http://www.hoyen.tw

ps.I am also a writer and I have many English articles that need to be corrected. If teacher is interested in proofreading work (grammar proofreading, review, revision, comment, etc.).
廣告編號: 45023
徵求法語家教老師 日期:2017年6月3日
公司名稱: 學生
聯絡人: 王芸恩(Emily)
電話: 0968-717-910
E-mail: emily881104@gmail.com
地點: 高雄市, 高雄縣


廣告編號: 45454
English tutor needed 日期:2017年5月27日
聯絡人: Jenny
電話: 0915091381
E-mail: jennylin315@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
English Tutor needed

Location: Neihu MRT station(only walk 3mins)

2 Students, Age: 4-6 years old
Objective: conversational and oral speaking and reading skill

Rate: NT 700 up depends on teaching experience.
Work hour: twice a week(Monday and Friday ) during weekday evenings (7:30-8:30pm)

Please send an email to (jennylin315@gmail.com)
廣告編號: 43592
幼兒英語家教 日期:2017年5月18日
聯絡人: Lewis
電話: 0928254988
E-mail: Liu.chihmin@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 45520
德文老師徵才 日期:2017年5月15日
聯絡人: 焦恩光
電話: 0975629219
E-mail: skype961@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 45503
日語行政祕書 日期:2017年5月15日
公司名稱: TXA創業家私人董事會
聯絡人: 徐竹先總經理
電話: 02-77362188
E-mail: steve@txa.com.tw
網址: www.txa.com.tw
地點: 台北市
TXA創業家私人董事會為台灣中小企業及新創企業開拓日本市場及東南亞市場,成立GMAC國際市場進入中心(Global Market Access Center),特招聘日語行政祕書,具備流利日語能力,熟悉商用文書及中日文商務文件翻譯。具英語能力尤佳。

廣告編號: 45486
English Teacher Wanted 日期:2017年5月13日
聯絡人: Ms.Blair
電話: 0906-915-867
E-mail: happy80866@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 新竹, 永和/中和, 桃園
We are looking for several English teachers.(Part-time job teacher)

Location:Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City or Zhubei city, Hsinchu County

We have many Teaching Guide books for teachers

For further information, please contact us.

Please e-mail resume to happy80866@yahoo.com.tw

Thank you~
廣告編號: 43823
Current Affairs Classes for Adult Students 日期:2017年5月5日
公司名稱: MyDearTeacher
聯絡人: Jay
電話: 0987125129
E-mail: jay_lin@mydearteacher.com
網址: www.mydearteacher.com
地點: 台北市, 台北縣, 桃園
MDT is a 3-year-old startup that offers small-sized, topic-based, conversational classes in English. At the moment we are specifically looking for teachers who are interested in leading classes related to Business News, Current Affairs and Short Stories.

Our format is simple, each week teachers assign articles that students can prepare in advance, participants can jump into discussion as soon as they arrive. We are focusing on students that average around 30 years of age, and their English level hovers around upper-intermediate (B2) with some advanced.

Size: From 3-6 adult students.
Payment: $800/hour NTD.
Hours: We host classes at weeknights and weekends. On average teachers teach 4-6 classes per week (6-9 hours).
Locations: Guting, Taipei Main, City Hall, ZhongXiao

If you are interested in joining us, please check out our webpage, we are looking forward to hearing from you:)

廣告編號: 38522
Native Spanish Teacher 日期:2017年4月21日
聯絡人: Charley
電話: 0980080251/ 0976101540
E-mail: FultonEnglish@gmail.com
地點: 台中
i am looking for a Spanish tutor who can teach for about one hour in the morning or afternoon time. i reside in Dali city, and if you are interested in this offer, please contact me asap. Thank you

Further discussions, please write us Email or call us.
廣告編號: 23077
Experienced English teacher during summer 日期:2017年4月19日
公司名稱: Taipei Montessori internation School
聯絡人: Sandra, Vivian
電話: 27132646
E-mail: TMIS@montessori.org.tw/hcw710@gmail.com
網址: www.montessori.org.tw/
地點: 台北市
Experienced English teacher
Compensation: 80,000 NT/ per month
Date: July and August. (2 months)
Work hours: 8:30-16:40
Curriculum: Reading, writing, oral, spelling (not summer camp, serious study class style), Sport
Student age :6-9 years old.
Number: 12-15 children

Acceptance by interview and teaching presentation in our school.
廣告編號: 45315
Part-time English Teacher Wanted! Urgent! 日期:2017年4月13日
公司名稱: Gram Consultant
聯絡人: Martin
電話: 0913 168 066
E-mail: ges@gram.com.tw
網址: www.gcl.com.tw/business-01.htm
地點: 台北市, 台北縣, 桃園
Welcome to join us!

Teaching schedule:
#1. Adult group class
Aug. ~Nov. weekly evening 5:30~8:30 at Linkou

We are looking for teachers with the following requirements:
- Native English speakers or American/British/Canadian/Australian/New Zealand /Japanese

- Holding the following type Visa: Student work permit, Working Holiday Visa, APRC, Marriage ARC, dual nationality (with Taiwanese ID)

-Linkou Teaching Site #2: near Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Welcome to Contact us ASAP!!!
Call Martin 0913-168-066 or ges@gram.com.tw
廣告編號: 28309
找美籍美語女家教 日期:2017年4月12日
公司名稱: 豐林保險經紀公司
聯絡人: 陳小姐 Christy Chen
電話: 02-2514-0689 分機11
E-mail: woocan-irene@umail.hinet.net
地點: 台北市
1. 生活會話課 / 書信往來的正式用語
2. 上課輕鬆活潑的美國籍女老師
3. 團體班 (約4-8人)
4. 上課地點:南京東路四段 育達商職附近
廣告編號: 34484
Spanish tutor 日期:2017年4月11日
聯絡人: Gina Chang
E-mail: gina_harvard@yahoo.com
地點: 台北市, 網路通訊(Skype/MSN/Yahoo!/E-mail)
Hi, I am looking for a spanish tutor for preparing the test (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat-subject-tests/subjects/languages/spanish)

My office is located in Xinyi district, Taipei. I'd give you more information in the following:

1. Time: 8:30 am--10:00 am or 9:00am--10:30 am, Thursday, once a week, basically
2. place: mostly in my office (first time in my office) or by skype
3. tuition: NT$700/hr
廣告編號: 45270
Wanted : English tutor 日期:2017年4月8日
聯絡人: Chang
E-mail: at1830@msn.com
地點: 台北市, 台北縣
Requirements :
- Native English speaker
- American or Canadian only

Student :
- a grade 2 girl

Time :
- every Wed and Fri @ 2-4pm, Sat and Sun@10-12pm

Location :
- Lin Kou, 10 minutes walk from the MRT station

Rate :
- nt600 per hour
廣告編號: 45246
English teacher wanted(native speaker only) 日期:2017年4月4日
聯絡人: Maggie
電話: 886910975197
E-mail: hsiaochiensu@gmail.com
地點: 台中
English Tutor needed 》

Location: West District, near National Art Museum, Taichung City )

3 Students, Age: 4-6 years old
Objective: conversational and oral speaking/ storytelling

Hourly Rate: NT 900 up depends on teaching experience.
Work hour: once or twice a week during weekday evenings (7:30-8:30pm)
If interested, please send an email to Maggie(hsiaochiensu @gmail.com)
Thank you!
Requirements: Positive! Love to play with kids.
廣告編號: 45221
We need an Englsih teacher 日期:2017年4月1日
聯絡人: Helen
電話: 0988200387
E-mail: etpollych@gmail.com
地點: 木柵
An English teacher

1.Wednesday and Friday 1 - 8 P.M. ( Primary school students)
2. Saturday morning-AM 9-12 ( Junior High School students)

NT$600-700/ hr. ( depend on the teaching experience)

If you are interested in it, please mail your resume to
I will contact you soon.
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英文家教徵才 日期:2017年3月29日
聯絡人: 馬小姐
E-mail: nikkey_77@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 45193
English Teacher in Neihu Dist., Taipei 日期:2017年3月10日
聯絡人: 劉先生
電話: 0927594449
E-mail: antonliu0601@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
I want to learn English in the Neihu Dist Taipei.
once a week .weekday night.
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ELA tutor for elementary school students 日期:2017年3月8日
聯絡人: Joseph G Wan
電話: 0905287111
E-mail: wann.jg@gmail.com
地點: 永和/中和
Hi Everybody

I need ELA tutor using engageNY curriculum for my kids (3rd and 1st grade elementary school).

Please contact me via email if you are interested it.

Your thought, please.

Joseph G Wan MD PhD
廣告編號: 44982
英語日常對話 日期:2017年2月26日
聯絡人: vanessa ju
E-mail: papa0125@hotmail.com
地點: 台北市
I need to learn English conversation about Medical care , Healthy food or travel

prefer British tone

location: Da'an District

please leave your teacher number

廣告編號: 44878

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