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Part-time English Teacher Wanted 日期:2018年10月12日
公司名稱: Cherries English School
聯絡人: Ariel
E-mail: cherry02819@hotmail.com
地點: 台北市
We are looking for an experienced/native speaker teacher. Our kids are 4 years old. They are lovely and easy to teach. Not too much paper work and activity.

Working Time:
Every Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday morning
廣告編號: 48673
Urgent - English interview trainer/coach needed 日期:2018年10月9日
聯絡人: Jewel
E-mail: huangzihyu@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
1. Need a teacher to help practice/prepare a job interview that is all in English.

2. Intensive courses (3-4 times a week in the evening) from mid-October to early November.
廣告編號: 48650
徵求美語家教老師 日期:2018年10月3日
聯絡人: Yvonne
電話: 0922972133
E-mail: wunwunbaby@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 台南
整求英文老師 時段看周六周日白天或者是平日的晚上
一周兩天能到家裡找主題與兩個幼稚園小孩會話 及講故事
廣告編號: 48616
我找 外籍英文老師 日期:2018年9月26日
聯絡人: 林佐枝
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 48573
Interior Designer 日期:2018年9月21日
公司名稱: edg
聯絡人: Flora Chou
E-mail: flora_chou@edg.com.tw
網址: edg-intl.com/
地點: 台北市
Interior design
廣告編號: 48538
Part-time French Teacher 日期:2018年9月19日
公司名稱: Eternal-Life Christ College
聯絡人: Ms.Cheng
電話: 0223751699
E-mail: galliano1129@yahoo.com.tw
網址: www.elcc.org.tw
地點: 台北市
1.Eternal-Life Christ College (永生基督學院) is now looking for part-time French teachers who are interested in French teaching position.
2. Teachers should be experienced in teaching French courses. Experience in other courses is a plus. Minimum of one-year experience in teaching adult French.

3. Can Speak Chinese.
廣告編號: 48518
Seeking for English Teacher 日期:2018年9月16日
公司名稱: 樂維語文中心
聯絡人: John Lin
電話: 04-24734653
E-mail: thewayenglish387@gmail.com
地點: 台中
Has experience in teaching Cambridge ESOL Exam program.
Native English Speaker with three years of teaching experience as preferable.

Location:Taichung City
廣告編號: 48483
兒童美語老師 日期:2018年9月11日
公司名稱: 康庭美語
聯絡人: Winona
電話: 07-7163200
E-mail: minnie12031128@gmail.com
地點: 高雄市
廣告編號: 48450
English teacher for grade 2 student 日期:2018年9月10日
公司名稱: personal
聯絡人: Vivian / John
電話: 0920898523
E-mail: john.viv@hotmail.com
網址: -
地點: 台北市
Looking for a female English teacher to teach a grade 2 student.
The teacher should have experience teaching young kids, she needs to be patient and be able to make learning fun. Teaching grammar, vocabulary, reading and conversation. Teacher needs to provide materials.
This grade 2 student has fundamental English skill.
Class location will be in Taipei, between Technology building MRT brown line station and YongChun station blue line.

Class time is 4pm - 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Maybe flexible with one day less.
call 0920898523 / 0966 669 565
廣告編號: 48449
Ask for an individual Enghish tutor 日期:2018年9月8日
公司名稱: personal
聯絡人: hoyen
電話: 0935590818
E-mail: hoyen@mail.com
網址: www.hoyen.tw
地點: 台北市
My highest education background is PH.D .I majored in Psychology and Nature Medicine in U.S.A. I want to strengthen my English conversation skills. Classes are all in English, one-on-one, long-term study.
I would like to have a native speaker of English. I hope to have a chance to practice spearking and listening. I am interesting in English dialogue sessions covering a wide range of subjects. I hope that have enough experience of life. We can exchange view on different topic. Such as medicine, philosophy, education, psychology, religion, alients , politics, foods, health, spirit etc.

1.Course Requirement: General chatting
2.Location : near Blue line Taipei MRT City Hall station.
3.Course : one and a half hours/once a week.
4.Available : between 13:00~3:30 every Thuesday afternoon.
5.Per hour charge : NT$ 700 -1000
6.Age : Under 80 years old but healthy.

If you are interested in being my personal tutor. Please send picture and resume to me.
Line ID: hoyen123 . Web site: http://www.hoyen.tw
廣告編號: 45023
聯絡人: kelly
電話: 0939539956
E-mail: changkelly90@gmail.com
地點: 永和/中和
we are looking for a English tour to teach my daughter,she is in the second year of primary school.

The teacher should go to my home in Monday and Thursday evening.
廣告編號: 48427
Senior High School Teachers Wanted 日期:2018年8月30日
聯絡人: Ava Chuang
電話: 0975693061
E-mail: avachen616@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
Looking for lecturers that are capable to teach in Long-terms for CIE A-Levels in Fluent English.

Qualification: at least a Postgraduate Degree

Major in:

1) Maths
2) Business
3) Accounting
4) Economics

Class Venue: Taipei
Duration: 6 hours per weeks

Please feel free to contact Ava for further details, thank you
廣告編號: 48366
English Tutor Wanted (for 3rd Grade) 日期:2018年8月17日
聯絡人: Evelyn Lee
E-mail: evelyn@camerichusa.com
地點: 台北市
WHAT - We are seeking a private English tutor for our 3rd grade son. We would like for the tutor to work with him on phonetics, spelling, and reading.

Wednesdays 1:30 PM - 3 PM
Fridays 4 PM - 5:30 PM
Saturdays 9 AM - 10 AM
*Starting September 05, 2018

REQUIREMENTS - Must be fluent native English Speaker. Must have experience in teaching English. Must have experience with elementary school aged kids. Must enjoy kids, (or at least pretend to =D).

WHERE - We are located in Da-An District, at Zhong Xiao & Dun Hua intersection, (near Dun Nan Sogo). We are minutes away from major MRT subway lines.

PAY - TBD (Based on experience). Range is $800-$1100/hr.
廣告編號: 47116
English tutor for young children 日期:2018年8月3日
聯絡人: Ms. Chen
電話: 0960566666
E-mail: yifenchen@kimo.com
地點: 永和/中和
1. two children : 4-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy.
2. want them to get used to local English through daily conversation from children's environment, like their room, our house, their interests, their toys, board games, books... we have plenty of materials.
3. the girl and the boy will learn together.
4. 1 hour / 3 times a week would be better.
5. because children are going to kindergarden from the end of August, the tutor time will be 6pm or 7pm in weekday or morning time in Saturdays.
廣告編號: 48216
Teaching in Danshui at $2500. 日期:2018年8月2日
聯絡人: Amy
電話: 0922503098
E-mail: abc26224259@gmail.com
地點: 淡水/北投
We are looking for teachers to fill in the following positions starting in September:
(1)Time : 2.5 hours on Wednesdays or Fridays from 17:00.
NT$ 2500 per time. Must be a native speaker from U.S.A ,U.K., Canada, Australia, South African or New Zealand. A bachelor's degree or above and be able to commit to the job till 2019.1 is required.
(2) Time: 2.5 hours on Mondays or Tuesdays from 19:00. NT$2500 per time.
Must be a native speaker from U.S.A ,U.K., Canada, Australia, South African or New Zealand. A bachelor's degree or above and be able to commit to the job till 2019.1 is required. At least 1 year experiences of teaching senior high students.
(3)時間:週一或週四,下午4:30-6:00。有自然發音及拼讀教學經驗至少二年。歡迎 ABC/BBC 或中籍有經驗教師。
歡迎 ABC/BBC 或中籍有經驗教師。
If interested,please send your resume with a photo to
abc26224259@gmail.com (address to Amy)
We are close to TamKang University and only 1 minute away from the bus stop.
廣告編號: 41822
幼兒家教徵才 日期:2018年8月2日
聯絡人: 葉小姐
電話: 0986061985
E-mail: sandra0614@gmail.com
地點: 新竹
廣告編號: 48173
Looking for an English native speaker tutor 日期:2018年7月20日
聯絡人: Terri Yeh
E-mail: ycyeh@mail2.nccu.tw
地點: 木柵
Looking for an English native speaker tutor to teach my children: one 12-year old boy and one 10-year old girl. They just took the Cambridge PET test. Their speaking and listening with native speakers are good. We live just one bus stop away from National Chengchi University in Macha. The bus stop is Wanxin Elementary School; it's the 3rd stop from Taipei Zoo MRT station.
廣告編號: 44552
Conversation Class for Adult Students 日期:2018年7月10日
公司名稱: MyDearTeacher
聯絡人: Jay
電話: 0987125129
E-mail: jay_lin@mydearteacher.com
網址: https://www.mydearteacher.com/
地點: 台北市, 台北縣
Do you like FUN conversation classes with adult students? Are you looking for some extra teaching hours?

At MDT we offer fun, small group conversation classes in English. Our students are curious adults, so in class you will lead conversations, while at the same time helping students to improve their English fluency.

Few details:
◎Payment: $800/hour NTD.
◎Hours: starts with 3-6hrs/week, weeknights 7-9pm and/or weekends, flexible.
◎Location: SongJiangNanJing, XinYiAnHe, Technology Building
◎The average class will range from 4-8 students.

◎Bachelor's degree
◎Responsible at work, passionate to teach.
◎Teaching experience is a plus, social skills are even more important.

If you like our teaching philosophy and it seems like it aligns with your own, then contact us today! Please direct your CV to the following address: jay_lin@mydearteacher.com; thank you!
廣告編號: 38522
Looking for an Italian teacher 日期:2018年7月5日
聯絡人: Vianca su
電話: 0975717019
E-mail: Su@chipcomtech.com.tw
地點: 永和/中和, 網路通訊(Skype/MSN/Yahoo!/E-mail)
I'm looking for an Italian teacher , and I never learn Italian before. Learning by skype or line is good for me.
Line id : vianca888
廣告編號: 39458
Looking for french teacher 日期:2018年7月2日
聯絡人: Yien
電話: 0968972723
E-mail: pltyien @gmail.com
地點: 台北市
Je suis à la cherche d’un professeur de français.
J’aimerais avoir les cours trois fois par semaine .
Si vous êtes disponible contacter moi ,SVP.
廣告編號: 47987
Part-time English Teacher Wanted 日期:2018年6月28日
公司名稱: Gjun巨匠美語
聯絡人: Jesse Chen
E-mail: jessechen@pcschool.com.tw
網址: https://www.soeasyedu.com.tw/about-gjun-and-recruiting
地點: 台北市, 台北縣, 新竹, 台中, 台南, 高雄市, 永和/中和, 板橋, 桃園, 苗栗, 嘉義, 高雄縣, 新店, 宜蘭, 彰化, 雲林, 屏東, 淡水/北投, 基隆, 花蓮, 南投, 台東
1. Gjun Language(巨匠美語) is now looking for part-time English teachers who are interested in English teaching position.
2. Teachers should be experienced in teaching conversation courses. Experience in other courses is a plus.
3. Minimum of one-year experience in teaching adult English.
4. Please visit our recruitment website for more information and application form.
廣告編號: 47994
1 on 1 tutoring work available 日期:2018年6月25日
聯絡人: D and K
電話: 0966248281
E-mail: katharina.thompson.77@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
Looking for either one tutor or several tutors to take over my schedule at the end of this month. Some of the students need pronunciation work in British English so preference will go to British teachers, although other teachers with neutral accents will be considered.
廣告編號: 47600
國小英文老師 日期:2018年6月23日
聯絡人: Ivy
電話: 0921522659
E-mail: ivy920917@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 高雄市
3位國一學生 星期三或星期五的時間上課
e-mail (ivy920917@yahoo.com.tw)
廣告編號: 34204
Full Time teachers jobs UP TO $2500 USD 日期:2018年6月21日
公司名稱: Ying Mei Language School
聯絡人: Tiffany
電話: 02-7742-2313
E-mail: tiffany626262@yahoo.com
網址: www.elts.com.tw
地點: 台北縣, 桃園
We hope to provide the teaching jobs for foreign teachers .
We have more than 25 schools in CHINA. We looking for excellent English teachers to join our teaching group.We have 25000 students in all over the CHINA . The student’s age between 3 ~ 12 years old .Average size of classes :10 ~ 12 students .

FULL TIME JOB ( at least 1 year contract ) UP TO : 16800 RMB includes :
● Competitive local salary (dependent on experience) 17000 ~ 20000 RMB
● Free hotel accommodation during you work in our school first month .
● Health insurance and Working visa .
● 10 paid annual leave days plus 11 national holidays .
● Work for one year and enjoy round-trip ticket subsidy RMB 4000-5000 .
● More benefits dependent on local school regulations.

If you have : 1 Bachelor’s degree. 2 TEFL certification. 3 Native English speaker Passport holder from UK,USA,Australia,New Zealand,or South Africa.4 like at least 1 year contract .5 like to work in CHINA .6 Good personality (patient,responsible).7 teaching experience not required .8 please must be done send your DEMO video and Resume to us . (tiffany626262@yahoo.com) We only accept Email apply , and only use Email communication about this possition . Thanks .(tiffany626262@yahoo.com).

Please note : We are only able to contact those applicants who meet all of the above criteria .(tiffany626262@yahoo.com).
廣告編號: 47962
八里英文家教 日期:2018年6月18日
聯絡人: 王小姐
電話: 0910001978
E-mail: Sylvia61@hotmail.com
目標是國中上國際班 能長期配合成為伴讀家教
廣告編號: 47941
Female Japanese teacher for 11 years old child 日期:2018年6月16日
聯絡人: SK Chen
E-mail: kchentw@gmail.com
地點: 永和/中和
Looking for a female Japanese teacher for my 11 years old daughter. Mainly for speaking and listening.
廣告編號: 43914
English teacher wanted!!! 日期:2018年6月13日
公司名稱: Alpha English School
聯絡人: Anita
電話: 0988275892
E-mail: anita90105@gmail.com
地點: 台北市, 台北縣
We need a teacher works at 5-7, Every Tuesday and Thursday . OUr kids are about 7-12 elementary kids. We are located at MRT Taipei Bridge STATION area. Please reach me if you are interested in this position.

廣告編號: 35392
English teacher 日期:2018年5月30日
公司名稱: Art studio
聯絡人: MS. Chen
電話: 0986656414
E-mail: stephi045@hotmail.com
地點: 台北市
We are looking for English teacher with Art background in our cram school.
preferred experienced teacher at least for 5 years and love kids.
廣告編號: 46564
looking for an English tutor! 日期:2018年5月30日
聯絡人: patty
電話: 0912937999
E-mail: pattyli0416@GMAIL.COM
地點: 台北縣
hi, i'm looking for an experienced / native english speaker to teach two 4-year old kids. we're in 新莊(xin zhuang), close to 三重(san chong). 3 days a week, 1.5hr each time after school. please contact me if u're interested and available. thanks!
廣告編號: 47871
Workplace App - Marketing Copywriter 日期:2018年5月16日
公司名稱: BuddyDo Inc.
聯絡人: Betty Kuo
電話: 02-27003686 x105
E-mail: betty.kuo@buddydo.com
網址: www.workdo.co
地點: 台北市
Working closely with engineers, designers, data, community support, and operations, and ensuring that we
fulfill the needs for users in North America. This position is best suited for a candidate who is a strong
writer, as the primary focus of the job is content development for brand, website, print, inbound and
outbound marketing projects.

● Create content in the form of articles, posts and advertising for various social media channels to achieve
the goal of building online presence and increasing exposure for company's products.
● Generate creative topics, plan content stream and create marketing-focused content.
● Target online media channels include but not limited to blogs, official accounts, website, Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn as well as various press and information sites.
● Producing technical documentation such as user guide, user interface text...

● Native US English ability
● Understanding of American culture
● Able to read and write in Chinese is a plus
● Experience with digital marketing campaigns is a plus
● Experience with marketing content writing is a plus
● Familiar with the different online media exposure channels

Product: Please search for “WorkDo” in both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.
廣告編號: 42693
1-1 English tutor for 1st grader 日期:2018年5月15日
聯絡人: Li-Min Hu
電話: 0955099653
E-mail: hu_limin@yahoo.com
地點: 台北市
1-1 English tutor for 1 1st-grade girl. The girl speaks fluent English but needs instruction in reading. Would like to have classes in the girl's home in Da-an District, Taipei 4 times a week (Sun. to Thur.) at 6pm-7pm. Interview is required. TWD800/hour and negotiable.
廣告編號: 47828
誠徵華語教師 日期:2018年5月5日
公司名稱: GEOS大世界英日韓&遊學
聯絡人: Ms. Abe (阿部)
電話: 02-8773-6700
E-mail: kumiko@geosasia.com
網址: www.geos.com.tw
地點: 台北市, 淡水/北投

教學地點: GEOS天母校 & GEOS忠孝校

廣告編號: 46258
Part-time Native English Teachers Wanted 日期:2018年5月2日
公司名稱: GRAM Consultants Ltd.
聯絡人: GRAM Consultants
電話: 02-8773-6609
E-mail: ges@gram.com.tw
地點: 台北縣, 桃園
Welcome to join us!
Teaching Positions are offered with the following schedule:
1. Location: Near Chang Gung Hospital Airport MRT line.
Time:Sep. 11th, Sep. 18th, Sep. 25th, Oct.2nd and Oct. 9th total 5 sessions, at 5:30~8:30pm.
Advanced business conversation requested
Hourly rate: $900, total 5 sessions $13,500 is paid.

2.Location: Near Chang Gung Hospital Airport MRT line.
Time: Starting on the week of Sep. 3rd~Nov. 30th, can be your choice of M. T. W. or Th evening 5:30-8:30pm, Total 36hours/12sessions.
Advanced Business English requested
Hourly rate:$1000, a session $3000 is paid.

3. Location: Taoyuan city, Nankan
Time: Tuesday evening at 5:15-7:15pm. Starts ASAP
Advanced conversation(social English and culture differences)
Hourly rate $1000, a session $2000 is paid.
This class requested American Foreign teacher only.

If you are interested and available to teach the schedule, please E-Mail to (ges@gram.com.tw) with your CV/Resume and a current photo.
We look forward to hearing from you soon! (Before July. 13th )

We are looking for teachers with the following requirements:

* B.A. degree or above, 2 years English teaching experience better

* Native English speakers (American/British/Canadian/
Australian/New Zealand)
廣告編號: 36090
안녕하세요! 我是韓文老師,i'm a Korean teacher 日期:2018年4月28日
聯絡人: Sophia Lee
E-mail: sotaeng@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 44853
法語德語老師徵求 日期:2018年4月20日
聯絡人: 盛小姐
電話: 0977502083
E-mail: kiki89064@yahhoo.com.tw
地點: 台北縣, 新店
廣告編號: 45165
Linkou Part Time English Teacher wanted 日期:2018年4月18日
公司名稱: Gram Consultant
聯絡人: Martin
電話: 0913 168 066
E-mail: ges@gram.com.tw
網址: www.gcl.com.tw/business-01.htm
地點: 台北縣, 桃園
Welcome to join us!
Linkou Teaching case
(1) Adult Business conversation class
Mon,or Tue.or Wed,orThu. evening Am17:30~20:30

Native speaker only, American or Canadian or Australian
Location: Linkou Chang-gung hospital MRT station
(Airport MRT Line)
Hour-rate = $900NTD
Group 14 Adults students ; Advanced Business requested

Please E-Mail Sylvia: ges-sylvia@gram.com.tw
or Call (02) 8773-6609
Many Thanks~
廣告編號: 28309
廣告編號: 42145
Native English Speaker require 日期:2018年4月10日
公司名稱: American Eagle School -Hsinyi Franchise
聯絡人: Pinky Yeh
電話: 03-4686006
E-mail: Hsinyi.ty@eagletw.com
地點: 桃園
Full time English Teachers positions
Native English Speaker require.
School Type: American Eagle School -Hsinyi Franchise
School Location: Zhongli District, Taoyuan city. (It’s about 15 minutes by walking from Zhongli Train Station)
Students age: 7~12 years old
Materials: provided by American Eagle Institute
Pay: NT$53,000-55,000 per month + NT$2,000 per month as a perfect attendance bonus = NT$55,000-57,000 (20 teaching hours a week as the Guaranteed teaching hours)
Another yearly bonus totally are about NT$36,000up
Work permit, Heath insurance & ARC provided~
*Position Summary
- Teaching experience is not needed but preferred.
- Teachers need to maintain a professional appearance appropriate to the position and enjoy working with kids.
Period of Contract: Start from July 1st, 2018
If you are interested, please send CV, scanned passport, scanned diploma, recent photo, and other relevant certificates to Pinky.
E-mail: Hsinyi.ty@eagletw.com
Thank you very much!
廣告編號: 47440
DESPERATELY looking for a native English speaking 日期:2018年3月30日
聯絡人: Henry Wang
電話: 0939949948
E-mail: tingyu0927@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
I need to master English speaking skill, and get rid of Chinglish and Chinese accent. my goal is to speak a fluent English, speaking like a native speaker. i know exactly what i want from you, so you dont need to do much preparation before class, the only thing i need is your undivided attention. if you are interested in helping me, please don't hesitate to contact me. (line id: tingyu0927)
廣告編號: 47681
looking for students learning Chinese 日期:2018年3月28日
聯絡人: Becky
E-mail: Becky0933@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 台北市

I’m looking for students who want to learn Chinese,
I’m basically can teach from Mon-Fri in the morning and afternoon time. I live near Zhongshan district, so if you are close this area and want have Chinese Lessons, please feel free to contact to me.

I can help with speaking/listening/reading or writing, just mail me to discuss more what you like

looking forward to hearing you
廣告編號: 22697
A Teaching Gig That May Change Your Life 日期:2018年3月23日
公司名稱: Infinite Education彭博國際文教
聯絡人: Christine Meng
E-mail: christine@iedu.com.tw
網址: www.iedu.com.tw/
地點: 台北市, 台南, 淡水/北投, 澎湖/金門/馬祖
We're expanding and we would like someone who wants to expand and grow with us.

Our team is more then just a team; we're a family! We take care each other and we want someone who feels the same.

If teaching English is a hobby of yours, then look another way!

We want someone who's ambitious, determined, patience, and kind-hearted. You need to be able to communicate to teenagers and encourage them, inspire them, guide them into the right direction.

If this is the job for you, then you know how to reach us!
廣告編號: 47651
English Tutor Position - CKS memorial hall MRT 日期:2018年3月11日
聯絡人: Miss Chen
E-mail: liyinghuang510@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
-- One / 8 year-old girl
-- 5 year English learner

-- University Degree + Native English speaker (United States or Canada) or American Born Chinese

Preferred (Optional):
-- Experience in teaching grade 2 elementary school literacy, chapter books
-- Good at reading out stories for kids and explain the vocabularies

-- Jin-Hua Street
-- 3 minute walk from CKS memorial hall MRT station

Frequency of class:
-- 2-3 times per week during the weekdays or weekends

Hourly rate:
-- 700-800 NTD/hour, depending on teaching experience
廣告編號: 25558
We're looking for teacher can promotion English. 日期:2018年3月10日
聯絡人: Allen
E-mail: zangbowei@gmail.com
地點: 高雄市
We're looking for teacher can promotion English.
l hope the class on WED and THU at night of one week.Maybe child on WED,parents on THU.

for child(5year) --> Beginner study English

for me and wife -->Beginner conversation
廣告編號: 47581
學基礎荷蘭文 日期:2018年3月2日
公司名稱: 個人
聯絡人: Zoe LEE
電話: 0982381852
E-mail: yijulee1115@gmail.com
地點: 永和/中和
廣告編號: 47532
Tutor for a kindergarten kid in QiYan Station 日期:2018年2月9日
聯絡人: Doris
電話: 0939506133
E-mail: iou9209005@hotmsil.com
地點: 台北市, 淡水/北投
Hi, teachers, I want to find my six year old daughter a foreign teacher tutor. You only need to immerse her in various interesting topics in English. She’s now curious about everything and she is adorable and passionate. She studied in private kindergarten in the week days. Therefore, our available time is Saturday or Sunday morning.(9 am to 11 am). My home is 5 mins walk from QiYan Station. The pay is 700-800 per hour.
Please contact me if you’re interested in this job. Have a nice day.
廣告編號: 47416
English speaking skill 日期:2018年1月31日
聯絡人: 葉長瀚
電話: 0910342304
E-mail: jimmyye890411@gmail.com
地點: 台北縣, 永和/中和
Hi I'm a senior high school student and I sincerely want to improve my English speaking skill plz connect with me if u r willing to be a tutor
廣告編號: 47340
外籍英文老師徵才 日期:2018年1月30日
公司名稱: 尚揚補習班
聯絡人: Carol Chen
電話: 0916-066516
E-mail: cbtscarol@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
廣告編號: 47354
Part Time English Teacher 日期:2018年1月17日
公司名稱: 芝蔴街美語補習班
聯絡人: 余玟霖
電話: 0921786832
E-mail: barry.lee@yahoo.com.tw
地點: 新竹
廣告編號: 43918
Japanese Tutoring for 15yr gril Neihu Taipei 日期:2018年1月16日
聯絡人: Mr. Chang
E-mail: chihtsung@hotmail.com
地點: 台北市
Japanese tutoring for a 15yr daughter in Neihu Taipei (5 mins walk from MRT) in this coming WInter vacation. (starting this week ) in the afternoon.

Expect 1.5~2 hours per day. Two to three days or perhaps four days per week except Sat. & Sundays. She reads Japanese hirakana and katakana, but not for communication skill.

Female teacher required and native language needs to be in Japanese.
廣告編號: 47239
Tutoring Vacancy - Essay Writing & Interview Prep 日期:2018年1月11日
聯絡人: Bob
E-mail: bobby.wayfarer@gmail.com
地點: 台北市
Tutoring gig available from Jan 20th or later:

BASICS: 11 year old male TES student, preparing for further interviews and testing related to elite UK boarding school applications (e.g. Eton, Harrow, Winchester)

LOCATION: Family home, 5 minutes walking from Taipei Arena MRT Exit 5

MATERIALS: Provided, and the father and I will brief on everything - think standard public school interview skills, verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers, and writing beyond the standard of the 11+ exam

REQUIREMENTS: Native speaker who MUST have experience teaching essay writing. Those of British nationality with knowledge of the UK education system and public school admissions will be preferred

CASH MONEY: NT$900 p/h, 6 hours per week. Monday & Thursday 1630-1830, Saturday 0930-1130. May be a little flexible on the weekdays

If you meet the criteria, I'll pass your information onto the father. It's a good gig, and I have a lot of time for these people, hence the effort to find someone reliable with the skills

Just please don't waste my time - this isn't homework help, you're gonna need some background knowledge. While it's not challenging if you have the experience, and I'm quite happy to assist in any transition, I'm obviously not teaching you how to do this...

廣告編號: 42488

刊登求才廣告 可以刊登案件: 家教徵才、英文老師徵才、 外籍人士徵才或其它工作機會 (購買點數送求才廣告)