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我們最近注意到,MYU的數據資料庫可能被安全漏洞暴露,我們目前正在修護這問題。在這段期間,麻煩請務必提高警覺,請不要回復似MYU的訊息,尋問您的個人資料、信用卡號碼或金融帳戶。MYU不會用郵件或電話要求您提供以上資料。由您來決定,在購買點數時,志願提供這種資料給我們處理付款的公司,所以請謹慎保護這個資料。如果您的使用者資料夾內含個人敏感資料,請更新它或許改您的密碼為了安全。 我們的資料庫只儲存密碼的加密哈希,所以更改您的密碼應該是不需要,可是也許還是改最好。我們並不儲存您的財務資訊如信用卡號碼。



-Andrew, Ryan, 與 MYU 團隊

Important Security Announcement

Dear Users:

It has come to our attention that our database may have been exposed due to a security vulnerability. We are working now to correct this issue. In the meantime, please be vigilant and careful. Do not respond to messages appearing to come from MYU asking for personal or financial information. We never demand this kind of information via unsolicited email or telephone. It is up to you to volunteer this information to our payment processor during a purchase, so please guard this information carefully. Also, if your profile contains sensitive information, please update it and/or change your password to be safe. We store only encrypted hashes of passwords in our database, so changing your password should not be necessary, but might be best to change it anyway. We never store your financial information such as credit card numbers.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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