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2021/05/01: MYU需要新的經營者 (MYU出售)
可教學的老師: 252
求才廣告: 1311

重要通知 - MYU出售










Andrew 與 Ryan

Important Announcement - MYU for sale

May 1, 2021

Here's the story:

Over sixteen years ago, two Canadian English teachers living and working in Taiwan founded MYU. We saw a real need for a site like this and saw potential for it to grow into something larger. After figuring out how to start a foreigner owned company in Taiwan, we launched and got really lucky with some great initial teacher sign-ups and happy customers. With word of mouth referrals and some paid advertising, the site was paying its bills after only a few months. We started to make plans of quitting our day jobs and expanding globally.

We quickly launched a mainland China version. But we weren't in China and starting things like this requires you to be on the ground and understand the market.

Our focus returned to Taiwan. To improve the site, we implemented aggressive teacher expiry rules and let the site automatically deactivate about half our total teacher count in six months. MYU Taiwan was left with a little over 500 good quality active teachers who kept their profiles refreshed and replied to students. Complaints dropped off a cliff and we raised our prices to compensate for the lower total teacher count. We also abandoned the mainland Chinese version along with our global expansion plans.

This brings us to the five year birthday of the site. We hired a couple friends who do teacher confirmations, answer the phones, and mail out tax receipts when requested. Our accountant takes care of the rest of the tax stuff and various government requirements. Besides answering the emails (which we still do), we just moved on with other things in our lives. One of us left Taiwan. Then the other left. Neither of us has had anything to do with language instruction or teaching for over a decade. We still run the site remotely, make improvements from time to time, but we feel less and less attached to it.

This site has been a work-in-progress for 16+ years now. We sincerely hope you have found it useful and worthwhile. When we first started MYU, we wanted to bring something that was missing in the world of Taiwan English learning and teaching. We wanted to give people a fully bilingual way to connect directly with their ideal teacher or student. We wanted to give people a chance to meet virtually and then, with luck, spark some great teaching and learning experiences. And it kind of worked. People liked the site and it grew, welcoming more users, adding more features, and supporting more languages and jobs, such as editing and proofreading. But for us, the time has come to move on.

We're looking to make a change. We would like this change to happen within six months. This change will require somebody (or some group) to take a leadership role and create MYU's future. We are open to all options. Contact us.


Andrew and Ryan