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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Oct 25 Canada 33 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
I am employed as a Teacher-Trainer, but I do have some free time. I really enjoy working with young children. I am friendly, patient, and dedicated. My lessons are educational and fun. One-on-one or...
Oct 25 Canada 36 [M] 6-10 years Tainan City Free
I have a wealth of experience in all areas of language instruction, specifically IELTS, TOEFL, GEPT and TOEIC. All classes are tailored to your specific needs and are relevant, practical and...
Oct 25 Canada 35 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
Monday and Tuesday Evening Classes Available for Business English - Improve your Email Writing and Speaking in 5 classes with a structured, well-planned class. First lesson Free!
Oct 25 UK 43 [M] >10 years Taipei County Free
IELTS and TOEFL specialist. Professional English teacher. I'm patient and always correct students' mistakes. I know many ways for students learn quickly and make a lot of progress in a short time.
Oct 25 Canada 47 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
I'm ready for this semester. I have more than 10 years experience teaching all levels to all ages, including at the LTTC in Taida. I don't need a visa I have a permanent residency APRC.
Oct 25 America 33 [F] 6-10 years Taipei County Free
Experienced English teacher with passion for both written words and teaching, uses this passion to connect students to the material. I have been teaching for 12 years. Learning English is like...
Oct 25 New Zealand 31 [F] >10 years Kaohsiung City Free
嗨!我在紐西蘭取得教育碩士的學位,並有十四年的英語教學經驗。 近年來在三間語言學校從事師資培訓,教授老師如何進行系統式聽力和口說的訓練,...
Oct 25 UK 48 [M] >10 years Tainan County Free
專門教成人英語, 20 幾年經驗, 上課輕鬆, 學費可談
Oct 25 America 39 [M] >10 years Taipei County Free
Wealth of 15 years teaching experience in Taiwan allow me to work as a teacher in Synnex company and CTUe university in Muzha. LET ME ASSIST YOU, TOO.
Oct 25 America 59 [M] >10 years Taipei City
Tutor and Editing specialist. University English Professor. 25 years experience. PhD in Business. Skype tutoring only. All English exams. Proofreading and editing. Law, Medical, High Tech, Business,...

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