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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Apr 21 America 26 [F] 3-5 years Taoyuan County Free
從小在美國長大,母語英文。在上海、台灣教學經驗6年。 無論成人或學生,藉由日常會話聊天培養語感,自然的鍛煉聽力、糾正發音,培養英語表達能力,也克服一般學生不敢開口說英文的障礙,循序漸進的與外國人對答如流。 同時也加強學生普遍較弱的閱讀及寫作。覺得困難的文法,用美國人的方式學習,有了語感不再死記硬背。協助全民英檢及其他英語檢定的準備經驗豐富。面對面或線上授課。請與我聯繫,讓我為您安排最適合您、最
Apr 21 America 38 [M] >10 years Taipei City
Writing Editor and Proofreader. Let me edit your e-mails, documents, papers, books, thesis, manuscripts, manuals, articles, research papers, and more. Price above based on page not per hour. Editing O
Apr 21 America 27 [F] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
I am an experienced teacher with a passion for teaching English. I specialize in teaching business English to adults, but I also teach children. I design custom curricula for my students with their ne
Apr 21 Canada 49 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
You want to learn English in a relax way or not I'm quite flexible so it.s up to you but I have more than 10 years experience teaching all levels to all ages, including at the LTTC in Taida. I "DON'T"
Apr 21 Canada 44 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
Canadian with APRC Taiwan Permanent Residency. Just 400nt/hour!! I have taught all ages/levels including Taiwan Government classes. Can teach anything but English conversation is my specialty.
Apr 21 Canada 36 [F] >10 years Taipei County With Contact
I have been teaching for almost 18 years since I was 18. I specialize in teaching children in areas of phonics, spelling, grammar, etc. Conversation sessions with adults and college students are avail
Apr 21 America 46 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
在台灣最不同的英語課!我是紐約人, 2004年我搬家到臺灣.想要當你的英文家教!(西門區)
Apr 21 America 45 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
Friday night open from 8 May可提供固定上課教室(忠孝復興)本人是 UCLA碩士畢業,在台已有十年的英語教學經驗,非常了解台灣學生在英語學習上的種種問題.
Apr 21 America 30 [M] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
I have a passion for teaching with expertise in business English, writing, and conversation. I have a BA in English and a MA in HistoryI have three years teaching experience in an international school
Apr 21 America 29 [F] 3-5 years Taipei City With Contact
I am a dynamic, friendly and patient credentialed educator from the U.S. I taught science for 3 years and have been teaching English in Taiwan for 2 years. I have experience teaching all age groups (m

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