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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Aug 30 America 36 [M] >10 years Taipei County Free
加強"說"的能力及信心. Improve your conversational English skills, confidence & pronunciation. 14+ years of experience. Business, IT, lawyers, managers, medical, PhDs, pilots, trade, sales &...
Aug 30 Canada 48 [M] >10 years Tainan County Free
Skype classes as low as nt$400 per hour!加拿大Martin老師,15年教學經驗,有好的文法教學經驗,糾正你的發音,並依據你的需求做教學上的調整.
Aug 30 Canada 39 [M] >10 years Taichung City Free
TOEIC 915 *簡歷: 1. 地球村 2. TutorABC 3. 歌倫比亞 4. 弘光科技大學 5. 銳陽光電 6. 安碁科技 7. 前進外語 10. 萬貫航空美語 11. Harvest English Learning...
Aug 30 Canada 47 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
I'm ready for this semester. I have more than 10 years experience teaching all levels to all ages, including at the LTTC in Taida. I don't need a visa I have a permanent residency APRC.
Aug 30 America 28 [F] >10 years Taipei City Free
Kind and patient yoga and English teacher willing to help you learn in the best way for you. Let's make your class help you be the best you can be!
Aug 30 Canada 28 [M] <1 years Taichung City Free
我從小學移民加拿大,居留長達十七年,英文發音標準有如當地外國人。希望加強英文會話能力的同學們我非常樂意協助你們。 Although I specialize in...
Aug 30 America 45 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
Aug 30 France 24 [F] 3-5 years Kaohsiung City Free
Hello! I am French with a British background. I have experience teaching both English and French to adults and children. I can help you with practicing conversation, test preparation, practicing...
Aug 30 America 31 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
By developing an individual program catered to your needs and goals, we can improve your English quickly and effectively. Free individualized English study program as well as training materials. Early...
Aug 30 Canada 31 [M] 6-10 years Taichung County Free
畢業於多倫多大學(University of Toronto), 因緣際會娶了台灣太太,曾任教於何嘉仁美 語、科見美語、格蘭英語…等補習班。 並長期協助宗教基金會英...

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