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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Oct 23 America 31 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
By developing an individual program catered to your needs and goals, we can improve your English quickly and effectively. Free individualized English study program as well as training materials. Early...
Oct 23 America 29 [M] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
Hi! I have 3 years of experience teaching students of all ages. With my experience studying Economics and working in the US, I can help you with business English. 我也會講中文. Thanks!
Oct 23 Canada 35 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
Monday and Tuesday Evening Classes Available for Business English - Improve your Email Writing and Speaking in 5 classes with a structured, well-planned class. First lesson Free!
Oct 23 UK 31 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
Expand your language ability and confidence in style with my personalised tutorials. The art of conversation and presentation will stand you in good stead for your career ahead! ;)
Oct 23 America 30 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
I consider myself very friendly and easy to get along with. I keep a positive mindset and love life.
Oct 23 Russia 23 [F] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
Oct 23 America 28 [M] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
I have a passion for teaching with expertise in business English, writing, and conversation. I have three years teaching experience in an international school. Also experience editing and writing...
Oct 23 America 24 [M] 1-2 years Taipei City Free
Experience with teaching students of all ages, from beginner to conversational, advanced English. I am passionate about making the learning process fun and engaging. I've found success identifying...
Oct 23 America 36 [M] >10 years Taipei County Free
加強"說"的能力及信心. Improve your conversational English skills, confidence & pronunciation. 14+ years of experience. Business, IT, lawyers, managers, medical, PhDs, pilots, trade, sales &...
Oct 23 Australia 31 [M] 1-2 years Taipei County Free
Thanks for checking me out! I taught students of all ages at a private school in Tokyo, using a variety of teaching methods such as worksheets, music, videos, social media, news and conversation....

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