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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Nov 29 Other 29 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
Lots of experience, tons of patience, and fluid lessons. 教學經驗豐富、極具耐心、且課程規劃順暢。You decide your goals. And you'll have fun too! 您可自行決定教學內容,並從獲得很多樂趣!
Nov 29 America 36 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
我從小去美國留學,在美居住了20多年。 我擁有美國Arizona State University雙學士學位專攻企業管理和市場營銷。標準美式發音,熟悉日常/商業等等英文用語。 我可配合同學的學習方式來塑造個人課程與運用網路教學方式教導。還可提供想要去留學或移民的同學想知道的資訊。
Nov 29 France 24 [M] 3-5 years Taipei County Free
Hi everydoby :) I had previous experiences in teaching with every kind of level. With my three years and a half experience, I can help every kind of student. I am patient and listening. you c
Nov 29 America 32 [F] 6-10 years Taichung City Free
I am fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese with 10 years of experience teaching students of all ages. I am a patient and fun teacher. 上課地點以西屯區近水湳市場為主,謝謝。
Nov 29 UK 41 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
Registered Professional English teacher based in Taipei has over twenty years of teaching English grammar to foreign students. Confident and patient teacher who will improve your ability to speak, wri
Nov 29 America 31 [F] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
Hello, I'm Nikki! I’ve taught English in Taiwan for 8 years. I'm happy to tailor the class to fit your personal needs. Please send me an email—I promise to respond in 24 hours. I really look forward t
Nov 29 America 53 [F] >10 years Hsinchu County Free
Learn online with me. Let's have fun! I listen to you and do what you want. You receive individualized lessons that are exciting. I teach business English, conversation, pronunciation, public spea
Nov 29 America 26 [F] 6-10 years Taoyuan County Free
從小在美國長大,母語英文。在上海、台灣教學經驗6年。 無論成人或學生,藉由日常會話聊天培養語感,自然的鍛煉聽力、糾正發音,培養英語表達能力,也克服一般學生不敢開口說英文的障礙,循序漸進的與外國人對答如流。 同時也加強學生普遍較弱的閱讀及寫作。覺得困難的文法,用美國人的方式學習,有了語感不再死記硬背。協助全民英檢及其他英語檢定的準備經驗豐富。面對面或線上授課。請與我聯繫,讓我為您安排最適合您、最
Nov 29 Ireland 39 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
曾任高雄文藻語言學院德文老師,何嘉仁美語補習班全職老師,現任聖心小學英文老師,能講流利德語和英語 費用計算:第一堂課免費,先了解學生學習需求,討論上課內容再決定上課方式;小團體學習,可有彈性折扣;上課三個月後另享折扣
Nov 29 America 36 [M] >10 years Taipei County Free
加強"說"的能力及信心. Improve your conversational English skills, confidence & pronunciation. 14+ years of experience. Business, IT, lawyers, managers, medical, PhDs, pilots, trade, sales & more. Mentoring, TO

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