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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Oct 20 America 41 [M] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
I have 3 years of teaching experience with kids and adults in a classroom environment as well as privately. I also have a background in photography and visual communications. Online classes also avail
Oct 20 South Africa 29 [M] 3-5 years Tainan City Free
I'm a great teacher full of energy. I am capable to teach all type of students with different language abilities and levels. I have been in Taiwan for 5 years now and am currently doing Masters in Civ
Oct 19 America 40 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
大家好!我是Teacher Duncan. 我在舊金山長大,無論是發音,聽力,口語,或者演講,我都可以幫到你!歡迎網路上課的學生!兩個學生以上有優惠。我在台灣有超過 5 年當老師的經驗!請你們跟我聯絡!Thanks and have a great day!
Oct 19 America 40 [M] >10 years Hsinchu City Free
I have been teaching English to adults, teenagers and children for 10+ years. 我會說流利的中文所以不用擔心溝通上會有問題. **No補習班**Only 家教 & 公司團體課程**
Oct 19 UK 42 [M] >10 years Taichung City Free
14年前來到台灣即開始英文教學工作,觸及的產業包含律師,醫師,大學教授,工程師,業務經理,醫美產業等。同時也指導IELTS進階考試技巧和發音練習,提升閱讀能力。活潑有趣的上課方式也教授2-8歲的小朋友閱讀拼音寫作能力,深受家長們的肯定。 需要安排討論課程內容,歡迎接洽詢問 I am expert in teaching children reading and writing.
Oct 19 Canada 40 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
商用會話和email讀寫-迅速提昇英語能力及信心。 雅思(IELTS)/托福(TOEFL)準備 - 迅速提高您的考試分數。我已經幫助數百位客戶解決英文上的問題 - 請讀有關於我的顧客的意見調查。 諮詢者即贈送第一堂課免費。
Oct 19 UK 33 [M] 6-10 years Taipei County Free
Oct 19 America 30 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
Learn practical real-world English! Improve your conversation skills, prepare for an exam, or learn how to write professionally. 從初級到最高級都歡迎!
Oct 18 UK 23 [F] 1-2 years Taipei City Free
大家好,我是Islah,牛津大學畢業生,目前在台大藝史所念碩士~ I work with students of all ages with grammar, writing, reading and speaking!
Oct 18 UK 20 [F] <1 years Taipei City With Contact
Hi! I'm an undergraduate at Cambridge University, and am currently studying Mandarin in Taipei. I was born and raised in London, and enjoy helping people improve their language skills. I've been tutor

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