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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Aug 12 UK 48 [M] >10 years Taipei City Free
I mainly work and around 復興南路口忠孝東路. I specialise test prep (ILETS, TOIC, etc) and business related presentations, conference calls as well as translating, composing or editing emails.I now have sent o
Aug 12 Canada 28 [F] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
Hi! My name is Amy and I'm an English teacher from Canada with over 5 years experience. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics and an in-class TEFL certification from UVIC in Canada. I have many te
Aug 12 America 40 [M] 6-10 years Taipei City Free
大家好!我是Teacher Duncan. 我在舊金山長大,無論是發音,聽力,口語,或者演講,我都可以幫到你!歡迎網路上課的學生!兩個學生以上有優惠。我在台灣有超過 5 年當老師的經驗!請你們跟我聯絡!Thanks and have a great day!
Aug 12 UK 38 [M] >10 years Taichung County Free
我在台灣教英語已有10多年了。 我的課程非常放鬆,讓您感到舒適,我認為這是學習的最佳環境,我通常會為我的課程提供教材料,正如您從反饋中看到的那樣,我的學生對這些課程感到非常滿意,並且他們進步很多。 希望您可以與我聯繫,以便我也能幫助您的英語。 您無需擔心,大多數以英語為母語的人只能說英語。 您會說一種以上的語言已經是非常聰明,所以請不要擔心。 我期待著您的回音。謝謝
Aug 12 America 39 [F] >10 years Taipei County Free
I provide customized classes to help you prepare your English for a native speaker environment. I taught professionals from O’right,Quanta, TDCC,NDU and more. With over 10 years experience teaching al
Aug 12 Canada 35 [M] >10 years Taichung City Free
熱愛中華文化,中文流利,畢業於多倫多大學(University of Toronto), 10年以上教學經驗,步步高錄播名師!曾任教於何嘉仁美語、科見美語、格蘭英語…等補習班。 我們提供1對1VIP或精緻小班上課(2人成班6人滿班) 線上教學/實體教室皆可! 長期協助宗教基金會英語學習、翻譯校對、參與國際英語四書五經研習營。 另有海內外英語夏令營課程 歡迎洽詢!!
Aug 12 UK 30 [F] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
Over 5 years experience combined schools/tutoring. Providing fun, friendly interactive lessons. Taught young learners, elementary, high school and adult levels. Have a CELTA and TEFL. Encourage fun le
Aug 11 France 24 [F] <1 years Taipei City Free
大家好, 我是法國人。大學的專業是英文,碩士的專業是法文的語言學和教學。 我2020年要住在臺北,所以可以跟想學習法文或英文的學生在臺北市和新北市見面。 要是學生是未成年人, 我先要跟父母討論一下課程的目的和內容。 我會說一點中文 (初級的) Hi, I'm French living in Taipei until the end of 2020. I majored i
Aug 11 Germany 30 [M] 1-2 years Tainan City
I offer German, English, Arabic and some basic Spanish language. The best way to acquire a language, is to practice through a face to face conversations.
Aug 11 America 30 [M] <1 years Taipei City Free
I am a native English speaker and I strive to help my students build confidence in their ability to speak English. My aim is to give students the opportunity to practice and improve their English with

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