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Date Nationality Age Gender Experience Location Photo
Jul 14 Taiwan 18 [F] <1 years Taipei City Free
Hi! I'm currently studying Arabic in NCCU. I'm good with kids and I'm a very patient person. Please contact me if you're interested!
May 9 America 18 [F] 3-5 years Taipei City
Hi! I am a student from Taipei American School and will be attending Tufts University this fall. I have tutored students from age 7-16 in the past 4 years, and I love working with students to help the
May 2 America 18 [F] 3-5 years Taipei City Free
Hi! I will be going to Boston University this fall and I'm currently studying at Taipei American School. I have a lot of experience in tutoring kids! I am also the Editor for our school newspaper, so
Jan 17 America 18 [F] 1-2 years Taipei City
I am really good with kids! I love interacting with all people and I'm very friendly! I may look very foreign like 外國人 ,但我會講中文!!
Sep 1 Taiwan 18 [F] 3-5 years Taipei City
Hi! I'm Chloe, and I'm from Taiwan and the Philippines. I graduated high school at Taipei European School, and currently study Psychology at Chapman University, California. I'm fluent in English.
Aug 1 Taiwan 18 [M] <1 years Taipei City
Hello my name is Alan. I am an incoming freshman at Purdue University. I started tutoring a few months ago and gradually realized that a great way to indulge a passion is to teach and share that knowl
Jul 31 Other 18 [M] 3-5 years Taipei City With Contact
Hello! I just graduated from Taipei American School in May. I took the full IB Diploma with IBHL English Literature and have also taken the TOEFL English Examination. Additionally, I have worked with
Aug 1 Taiwan 19 [F] <1 years Taipei County Free
Hello I'm Chloe. I used to study in a bilingual school for over ten years, and I scored 900up in Toeic. please feel free to contact me! The price and the location are negotiable!
May 11 Taiwan 19 [F] <1 years Hsinchu City
I am still in college. Hope to find a job during summer. I was an exchange student in America. There’s no problem for me to speak in English. If you’re looking for someone to practice your English spe
May 11 Japan 19 [F] 1-2 years Taipei City Free
【SHORT TERM SUMMER CLASSES FOR KIDS】 你好☺️こんにちは!I am looking for students for short term summer classes from May to June. I am currently teaching a 4 year-old and a 6 year-old girls. I jave been teach

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