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9月1日 美國 18 [女] 3-5 年 臺北市 有
Hello, I'm Alicia and I love teaching kids! (I can also speak Mandarin.) As an experienced tutor, I work to implement creative and effective methods into my classes. I am very passionate about teachin
9月1日 台灣 18 [女] 3-5 年 臺北市
Hi! I'm Chloe, and I'm from Taiwan and the Philippines. I graduated high school at Taipei European School, and currently study Psychology at Chapman University, California. I'm fluent in English.
8月1日 台灣 18 [男] <1 年 臺北市
Hello my name is Alan. I am an incoming freshman at Purdue University. I started tutoring a few months ago and gradually realized that a great way to indulge a passion is to teach and share that knowl
7月31日 其他 18 [男] 3-5 年 臺北市 可用
Hello! I just graduated from Taipei American School in May. I took the full IB Diploma with IBHL English Literature and have also taken the TOEFL English Examination. Additionally, I have worked with
7月6日 台灣 19 [女] 1-2 年 臺北市
4月8日 台灣 19 [女] 3-5 年 臺北縣 可用
⭐️⭐️[OLAN 個人百科]⭐️⭐️ -目前就讀美國有南哈佛之稱的Emory University (全美排名21名) -有3年教學經驗,主要教導的是美國升學考試(i,e, SAT, ACT, AP, SATII, TOEFL) -熟悉法文(通過DELF B1), 教你輕鬆漫遊巴黎 -美式教學風格=互動性的學習,跳脫框架思考,培養學生獨立思考能力 -獨家提供美國升學顧問服務 -曾經擔
1月15日 其他 19 [男] 1-2 年 有
i have lived in USA in 2 years, i think my english is good enough to teach someone. I will be love to teach someone who interested in english.
8月24日 台灣 20 [女] <1 年 臺北縣 有
Hello! My name is Galaxy! I’m currently studying in the US. I like teaching a lot and I’m happy to help with anything you need, including English/Chinese conversation skill, reading skill...etc. Plea
8月14日 美國 20 [男] 1-2 年 臺北市 有
Hi! I speak English and French fluently. I'm from Los Angeles, California & I'm currently living in Zhubei. We can video call before committing to a paid lesson. Some of my hobbies are Bitcoin, Techno
5月20日 其他 20 [女] 1-2 年 臺北縣
I love languages and working with kids! Soy una persona muy energética y busco distintas maneras de conectar con mis estudiantes!

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This site is a language tutor finding tool for students to locate language teachers in Taiwan. If you are a teacher all you need to do is create a profile and enter your information. It's free and only takes about 5 minutes. If you are a student you can browse the teacher profiles listed above at your leisure, anytime and anywhere. When you find a teacher you want to contact, simply register and buy some points, and then use a point to get that teacher's contact information.