Language Professionals of Taiwan

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7月23日 英國 50 [男] >10 年 雲林縣 有
I am an experienced language tutor with more than 16 years Teaching experience in Taiwan. I am currently working with high-school students and adults.
7月21日 其他 27 [男] 3-5 年 臺北市
Hola! Hello everyone! I am from Chile and I majored in Speech therapy. I have been working as a spanish tutor in Taichung for 2 years with very good results! If you want to improve or start learning s
7月21日 加拿大 41 [男] >10 年 臺北市 有
企業英語培訓 - 為您特定的業務需求量身定制的英語課程,不論是英語入門的員工,專案經理,高階主管至企業老闆都有一對一和小班制的課程。課程的內容包含輕鬆的英語對話,正式的提案報告,對話禮儀和常用的英語生活用法。提升您的商用英文寫作,客戶服務的應對,市場行銷等等。讓我幫助您提高英語流利度與建立您口說的信心,歡迎與我聯繫諮詢。我們將會提供發票。
7月21日 美國 38 [男] >10 年 臺北縣 有
7月21日 法國 35 [男] 3-5 年 臺北縣 有
Original, organized, and efficient method mixing grammar, vocabulary, and culture learning ... Professional filmmaker and photographer artist, specialized in drones. I also teach you cooking, art, fil
7月20日 加拿大 24 [女] 1-2 年 臺北市
Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I was born in Canada. Before moving to Taiwan I worked in South Korea where I taught children and middle school students (TOEFL). Prior to this I tutored and edited in
7月20日 南非 34 [女] >10 年 臺北市 有
American English. HIGHLY QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED Business/Conversation English tutor. Strong background in Business/Marketing/Psychology/Finance. Customized individual/corporate classes. Also, e
7月19日 美國 39 [男] >10 年 新竹市 有
I have been teaching English to adults, teenagers and children for 10+ years. 我會說流利的中文所以不用擔心溝通上會有問題
7月18日 其他 32 [女] <1 年 臺南市 有
Hello, I am Dona. Now I have just finish my postgraduate study in National Cheng Kung University. Now I want to focus to improve my Chinese. Yet, I want to teach English also for student in Tainan. Pr
7月17日 美國 39 [男] 6-10 年 臺北縣 有
Thanks for checking my profile! -Fun & interactive conversation -Patient Listener -Neutral & easy to understand American accent -Best locations are near MRT BLUE LINE 西門,江子翠,新埔,板橋,府中,亞東醫院 or n

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This site is a language tutor finding tool for students to locate language teachers in Taiwan. If you are a teacher all you need to do is create a profile and enter your information. It's free and only takes about 5 minutes. If you are a student you can browse the teacher profiles listed above at your leisure, anytime and anywhere. When you find a teacher you want to contact, simply register and buy some points, and then use a point to get that teacher's contact information.