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MYU in the Media

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題

MYU was proud to help CTiTV (中天電視台) find English teachers for their popular show Got Problem? (今晚那裡有問題).

The show first aired on September 25, 2006 and will be shown periodically afterwards. Want to see it? Look for the 中天綜合 station.

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題

Four great MYU teachers were on the show:

Teacher Kevin
Teacher Tina
Teacher Kristina
Teacher Nick

The show's main topics:

  • What makes a good English teacher
  • What are some different types of active and unique teaching styles
  • Funny stories and teaching experiences
  • How students and schools can find excellent and experienced English tutors or teachers

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題
Kevin talking about finding students using the MYU Web site.

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題
More discussion about MYU.

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題
Nick talking about using games and making lessons entertaining when teaching small children.

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題
Many teachers have photos on MYU for students to see.

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題
Kristina explaining how mnemonics are a fun, easy, and effective way to remember difficult words.

MYU on 今晚那裡有問題

The hosts (謝震武 and 林書煒) of the Got Problem TV show with a special thank you message to

MYU would like to thank Kevin, Tina, Nick, and Kristina for being on the show.