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Oct 21, 2021: Important Announcement - MYU shuttting down
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Product Descriptions

We offer the following services:

Teacher database

Teacher Information

In our teacher database, we have close to one thousand teachers and tutors available in Taiwan. Many of the teachers hold teaching certifications and have years of practical teaching experience. Since our founding in 2004, hundreds of buxibans and schools, and thousands of individual students have used MYU's database to successfully find teachers. MYU continually checks and urges teachers to update the on-line teacher information to ensure the highest accuracy.

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Job ads

Job Advertisements

Every day there are hundreds of teachers using MYU's job ad listings to search for employment opportunities. You can post all the specific requirements of your position in your job ad. Regardless of whether you are looking for an English teacher, other language teacher, a translator, an editor, or any other personnel, our job listings are a quick and effective way to attract applicants. The contents of your ad are also stored within your MYU account so you can update the ad at any time.

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Teachers in your mailbox

Teachers In Your Mailbox

Every time a new English teacher registers on MYU, and after their details have been confirmed by our staff, you will immediately receive a notification e-mail including all the teacher's details. This service is aimed at progressive buxibans and schools who are always looking for new talent. If you need to hire a large number of English teachers every year, the Teachers In Your Mailbox service by MYU will be your best choice.

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Banner ads

Web-site Banner Ads

You provide us with a banner ad and we will position it on our main page and on other content pages. When a user clicks on the ad, they will be redirected to your web-site. We welcome schools and buxibans to post banner ads on MYU to attract students. The main page banner ad positions are sized at 125x125 pixels and 234x60 pixels. The time period for each ad is one month, and the price is 5000 NT/month.

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