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Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why should I use
  2. What does it cost?
  3. Why spend money to contact a teacher?
  4. I represent a school, buxiban, or company, I don't want to buy points to contact teachers, can I just post a job ad for teachers instead?
  5. How can I search for a teacher?
  6. Where will the lessons be conducted?
  7. How do payments to the teacher work?
  8. What should I say when I contact a teacher for the first time?
  9. If we buy coffee or tea, who pays?
  10. What if I can't contact a teacher using the contact information provided?
  11. I can fluently speak another language. Can I become a teacher?
  12. What do you do with my information?
  13. What is your refund policy?

Why should I use

With you can browse online teacher profiles to conduct virtual interviews of private language teachers and tutors. Since we insist that all teachers provide all information in a standard form, you can easily compare teachers that you are interested in.

You can see exactly who you're going to meet — before you meet them. This means you can pick the best teacher for you, so you won't be disappointed when you first meet the teacher face-to-face. There are no surprises.

We have a growing database of native-speaking language teachers. There are currently over 600 teachers registered with us. For example, you can find available English Tutors, Spanish Tutors, French Tutors, German Tutors, Italian Tutors, Russian Tutors, Japanese Tutors, Korean Tutors, Mandarin Tutors, Taiwanese Tutors and even other language tutors. If you are looking for a teacher of any language, from English to Japanese, is the answer. is 100% dual-language. Many other sites insist that you read mountains of English to find a good teacher. At, no matter how good your English is, you can still look at the entire site in Chinese at anytime.

What does it cost?

It is free to view any amount of teacher profiles. If you decide that you want to contact a teacher then you should purchase points. You can buy points here.

VISAMastercardATMPaypalPost Office

Viewing the contact information of one teacher requires 1 point.

To purchase points if you're already registered, login and click "Buy points" on the left side of the screen under your username. In this part of the screen you can also see how many points you have left in your account. If you have no points and you try to view a teacher's contact information, you will automatically be taken to the page where you can buy points. Points expire two years after your last purchase.

Why spend money to contact a teacher?

  1. All teachers listed with MYU are in Taiwan right now and ready to begin lessons immediately.
  2. We continually prompt teachers to keep their availability information up to date. If a teacher has marked a time slot free, we guarantee they will be free during that time slot when you contact them.
  3. Since we confirm all teachers listed on MYU, we guarantee all teachers can be reached with the contact information that you buy. There are no dead phone numbers or obsolete e-mail addresses.
  4. Since the teachers on our site are not available to the public, they are very responsive to students who use MYU to contact them. This is because with MYU they only receive contact from dedicated and enthusiastic students.
  5. As shown in their profiles, teachers registered with MYU are of outstanding ability; they are dedicated to teaching and are actively looking for new students.
  6. Many teachers listed with us are highly experienced and have advanced qualifications and certificates that we have verified.

I represent a school, buxiban, or company, I don't want to buy points to contact teachers, can I just post a job ad for teachers instead?

Yes, you can. Please feel free to look at the most recent job ads already posted. Hundreds of teachers visit MYU everyday. We want to put the best ones to work for you.

Click here for more information including our prices for posting a job ad for your school, buxiban, or company.

NOTE: If you purchase points you also receive a free job as well. So it may be better to purchase some points rather than only a job ad so you get the best of both worlds.

How can I search for a teacher?

First, decide on some basic requirements such as location and times and enter these details into the search screen. Then, browse through the profiles of the available teachers. When you find a teacher that you'd like to contact, simply click one of the "Contact" buttons.

Before you expend a point to view a teacher's contact information, please read this carefully. You will receive an e-mail containing the contact information of the teacher. Since e-mail systems are not perfect, the contact information will also be displayed in your browser window along with the rest of the profile. But, once you close this window there is no way to open it again. Therefore, when the contact information appears in the window, do one of these things:

  • Write down the teacher's contact information accurately
  • Print the teacher profile (File...Print...)
  • Save the teacher profile (File...Save As...)

In case of an unexpected situation, for example failure of your e-mail account and a system crash that closes the window, please contact us and describe the situation, and we should be able to help you.

After you obtain a teacher's contact information, you should immediately contact the teacher. Don't wait too long because the teacher may find other students. Once you contact the teacher you should discuss the specific requirements for the class. When you and the teacher reach an agreement on the class, then you can set an appointment for the first meeting. Although strives to provide profiles that accurately reflect the teacher, it might be wise to wait until you meet the teacher in person before making a commitment (see our tips on selecting a good teacher). Remember to agree on the exact price of the class, especially if the teacher has indicated a range of prices. Also, you can ask if the teacher will offer a free introductory class or meeting.

Please note that you and the teacher you've contacted may not be able to agree on a class. This is your relationship, and cannot become involved in negotiations or other situations. Please see our terms and conditions. Besides, if this happens, don't worry, you can still use your other points to contact other teachers.

Where will the lessons be conducted?

The location of the class is also open to agreement between you and the teacher. Some teachers may be willing to come to your home or office. Others will prefer their home or a coffee shop, and some may even have their own classroom!

How do payments to the teacher work?

This is between you and the teacher. You should discuss the teacher's hourly rate and also if the teacher wants to be paid in advance of the lessons. Most teachers are very flexible, so make sure to tell them what's convenient for you.

What should I say when I contact a teacher for the first time?

First, you should tell them you found them on If you are writing them an e-mail message, perhaps put in the subject of the message so they won't mistake your message for something else and will make sure to open it right away.

If you are calling the teacher on the phone and reach their voice mail, leave a message that you found them on along with your name and your telephone number so they can call you back.

For more information on what to say when you call a teacher for the first time, see our guide to contacting English teachers.

If we buy coffee or tea, who pays?

If you decide to have your class in a coffee shop, make sure to discuss in advance who is going to pay the bill. Sometimes teachers and students will each pay their own way, and sometimes one person may expect the other to pay. Just agree ahead of time so it's clear.

What if I can't contact a teacher using the contact information provided?

We quality-check all teachers who post profiles on This includes verifying their contact information. However, if you try to contact the teacher by e-mail and/or telephone and you cannot reach the teacher, please wait a few hours and try again. If after 48 hours you still cannot contact the teacher, contact us and we will try to solve this problem. If the teacher or is at fault, we will provide you with the proper contact information or restore the point you used to obtain the contact information.

I can fluently speak another language. Can I become a teacher?

Absolutely! Click on Free Registration for Teachers to get started.

What do you do with my information?

When you register with as a student you will be asked a few short questions. Answering these is optional. If you choose to answer these questions, please know that we don't use your information for anything other than helping you find a teacher.

What is your refund policy?

If a user requests a refund within seven days of purchase and if no points have been used since the purchase was made, we will refund the value of the purchase subject to a 20% processing fee.