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Last updated: Mar. 22, 2021

Teacher ID: 38263

Personal Information
Gender: [F] Female
Age: 39
Nationality: [TW] Taiwan
Language: French  
Education: PhD  
Major: Foreign Languages 
Chinese ability: Fluent 
Contact Information
Name: Available 
E-mail address: Available 
Phone numbers: Available   
Location Information
Location(s) available: Taipei City, Taipei County, Yonghe/Zhonghe, Banqiao, Muzha, Xindian, Danshui/Beitou  
Teacher lives in: Danshui Town, Taipei County (251)
     Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat   Sun   
 Afternoon  X X   X   X X  
 Evening  X X   X   X X  
(   X   = available)
Teaching Information
Experience (years): over 10 
Qualifications: Education Degree 
Hourly rate: 750-1200 NT 
Discount for groups: Yes 
Students preferred: University, Business, High Tech, Adult 
Level of students: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 
Teaching specialties: Reading, Conversation, Newspapers, Test preparation, Writing, Pronunciation 
Materials supplied by: Teacher, Student  
Schools / Buxibans can contact me: Yes 
Available for subbing: No 
Additional information
您好, 我是去年(2019.08)從法國回來的台籍法文老師,擁有巴黎新索邦大學法語教學博士學位,自2010年便開始在法國從事外語教學,任教於家教、國中、語言中心與法國國立大學,經驗豐富。在台曾任教於淡江法文系、文藻法文系,目前任教於師範大學。 課堂上以CD片輔助耐心糾正發音,注重聽說對話練習,並詳盡解說課文的文法,以便學生能學以致用。雖然法文文法較英文複雜,但其重要性不可忽視,會以漸進式、由淺入深的方式帶領學生學習,並配合文法練習題。 另外會時不時補充在法生活小常識與文化簡介,增進學生學習興趣。 面對面的課堂至少一個半小時,或兩小時。
Customer Feedback
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“ Excellent  ” - 學生  (Jan. 28, 2015)
“ Good  ” - 學生  (Oct. 14, 2014)
“ Excellent  ” - 學生  (Sep. 20, 2014)
Teacher ID: 38263

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