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Last updated: Mar. 13, 2020

Teacher ID: 53540

Personal Information
Gender: [F] Female
Age: 25
Nationality: [TW] Taiwan
Language: Japanese  
Education: Other  
Major: Foreign Languages 
Chinese ability: Fluent 
Contact Information
Name: Available 
E-mail address: Available 
Phone numbers: Available   
Location Information
Location(s) available: Taipei City, Taipei County, Yonghe/Zhonghe, Banqiao  
Teacher lives in: Xizhi City, Taipei County (221)
     Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat   Sun   
 Morning            X X  
 Afternoon  X X X X X X X  
 Evening  X X X X X X X  
(   X   = available)
Teaching Information
Experience (years): 1-2 
Qualifications: Education Degree 
Hourly rate: 400-800 NT 
Free first lesson: Yes 
Discount for groups: Yes 
Students preferred: Junior High School, High School, University, Business, High Tech, Adult 
Level of students: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 
Teaching specialties: Reading, Conversation, Newspapers, Test preparation, Pronunciation 
Materials supplied by: Teacher, Student  
Schools / Buxibans can contact me: No 
Available for subbing: Yes 
Additional information
發音、檢定、旅遊、生活會話等有興趣的看過來! 無論是從小白50音開始,還是想學習初級、中級、高級的程度,都歡迎!! 如果是從50音開始課程的學生(50音以後的初級也可),價格另有優惠喔!可在另外做詢問。 一對一的教學方式,依照學生的需求與程度進行客製化教學課程。 衍伸課本句型及對話,並結合生活經驗來練習口說。 由於在日本留學過的關係,課程中也會不時分享在日生活的自身經驗與趣事。 本身是個活潑開朗的人,教學氣氛也傾向於開朗明亮! 日文一點也不難!來跟我一起開心學日文吧!! (因上班或上課時無法接電話的關係,聯繫我時麻煩請先傳簡訊與我聯絡喔!!)
Teacher ID: 53540

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